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The Sega Genesis has the worst cartridge port, ever.


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Apparently some Genesis 2 revisions are worse than others, and some versions of Genesis 1 are bad too. http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showpost.php?p=161951&postcount=1


I stumbled upon a cheap, decent condition Genesis 1 at a thrift store not long ago but couldn't for the life of me remember the basic tells of what differentiated a "good" from a "bad" (hint: look for the High Definition Graphics text above the cartridge slot and, failing that, ensure the power plug is located at the far right of the backside of the console, empty space = avoid). Having been on a leisurely lookout for a Genesis 1 for some time I decided to spring for the impulse buy but discovered it was the worst Genesis 1 of them all upon returning home and checking that Sega-16 thread. KLJFldjaklflda.


As for the Genesis 3, I bought a Genesis lot years ago that included one. It really is a cheaply-made console revision, the build quality alone earns it a rank of "don't bother". I've never had a cartridge port crap out on me on any model of Genesis, I'm honestly quite surprised like everyone else by your string of unfortunate Genesis experiences, keilbaca.

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@drixxel far right looking at the back or front of the console? My model 1 isent the hd one, but I'm not sure what else to look for.


My apologies, I was struggling to find a way to be clearer about that bit. When viewing the console from the back, you're looking to see if the plugs are all lined up to the right edge. Crude ASCII art follows:


(======ooo) <-- good


(=====ooo=) <-- bad

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Yeah the whole better version Genesis is a confusing thing. I see threads about sound and video version comparisons. I never remembered the sound to be all that great so I figure it is just part of the nostalgia :) I havent had and trouble with the cart ports just having to clean the carts themselves more frequently than other systems.


Version 3 is the same as every other clone just "officially licensed", its def cheap quality. If your not that picky like me you should be able to find a loose Genesis 1 or 2 for cheap that gets the job done.

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I'll agree that the Genesis had a crappy cart slot, but for 16 bits, I'd have to give the honor of "worst" to the SNES. At least, once I got it to work, I've never had the Genesis actively fail while I was playing a game (short of my own fault, bumping the system, etc)


Of course, you'll never get worsetahn that notorious Zif (though to be fair, when it works, it did work rather well IMO, just a poor design TBO)

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I've never noticed the sound being "bad" on my 2 Genesis-2s. Maybe "good enough" is good enough for me that I don't notice.


The Genesis-2 is the perfect size to me - not huge and cumbersome, or el-cheapo. Next time I hook it up, I'll have to listed to the sound. Any way to tell if you have the 3/4 motherboard from the outside?

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Actually it may be even worse than some clones. I think some clones now can play Virtual Racing and I don't believe the Genesis 3 can.


The Genesis 3 can play 99.9% of the Genesis library just fine, and with correct audio which I've yet to see from any Genesis clone.


It's a nice little system, even if doesn't work with Virtua Racing, the Power Base Converter, the Sega CD, and the 32X. It works perfectly with just about everything else.

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