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The Inky Vs. Moycon-test


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*checks stats*


Poor Inky


Looks like alot of people are out of the running. The good news is alot are still in:


Votes for Inky still good:


Nimtene 3632

Malix 3651

glitch 3652

krisjohn 3701

SMSS 3725

The Young Gamer 3801

Happy_Dude 4000



Votes for Moycon (Yeah!) Still good:



candiru 3583

Lost monkey 3594

StanJr 3601

z28in82 3654

Scooterb23 3666

chromizone 3669


Neck and Neck folks. I suspect the #'s will dwindle quickly.

Also I'm not the brightest guy in the world so let me know if I made a mistake.

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