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HSC Rules for Season 4


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I'd like to see fewer tourny's and more DH'ers.

A 6 week off season sounds good.

For the tourny's, there's not much to pick from in 1976-1977

We can only play Sea Wolf and Night Driver so many times.

I don't like how our tourny picks get added to our game request's.

Some of those games were just picks to fill out the tourny noms.


OK - should we start with a clean slate with game requests for season 4? And then scrap the add to the request queue for tourney noms in the future?


If we cut down to four tourneys per season with two of them being craptaculars, we could have a 4-pack of games per month over the span of two weeks. I could come up with a theme for the four pack and we can nominate/vote for titles and whatever is not selected can be available for a pool of titles to be voted on for a craptacular.


A clean slate sounds good. yes

I think 4 tourny's and the DH'ers is the way to go. :)

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