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HSC Season 3 Week 30: Battlantis


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A vertical shoot-em-up. Protect the castle by moving a bowman horizontally across the bottom of the screen, shooting upwards at the assorted fantasy warriors who are advancing in waves. The game includes boss waves and has nice music.


Game Information

Game Name: Battlantis

Released By: Konami, 1987

MAME ROMset: Battlnts

Dip Switches: Lives: 3; Bonus life: 40K and every 80K; Difficulty: Normal

Chosen By: HatefulGravey

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/366

Twin Galaxies MAME World Record: 238,020


Competition ends Monday, March 7 @ 12PM EST



1. 75,200 jasonbar

2. 56,140 patbb

3. 50,040 Rathis

4. 34,320 roadrunner

5. 31,900 rmaerz

6. 24,100 FlyingTurtle

7. 18,600 LarcenTyler







Season Standings

Calculations through week 29 & President's Day Tourney

1. patbb 1404

2. rmaerz 1247

3. roadrunner 1004

4. FlyingTurtle 346

5. LarcenTyler 344

6. Zoyx 209

7. Dr Galaga 147

8. mr. toast 142

9. ClassicGMR 128

10. jasonbar 102

11. Rathis 51

12. HatefulGravey 38

13. LaserHawk 30

14. homerwannabee 20

15. 4Ks 18

16. chuckwalla 16

16. Mister VCS 16

18. riffraff 15

19. wizmo 8

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This is really not my game lol tip get the powerups on level 1 and when down to one last guy just avoid till he gets to the wall and then shoot him. Level 2 is crap don't go for powerups(out of the way of the next guy) and on the boss thing for it just avoid like a shmup eventually he will die. Level 3 isn't that hard the boss reminds me of someone from contra i probably shoulda beat him.

Only got 50,040 gonna try to get higher battlnts.png

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you can in fact kill them while there on the wall if your standing infront of them, but if they get to the point where you stand on the wall your screwed. Instance if 2 guys climb wall at same time and you don't have that gun your fucked if they both made it to climb up the wall. However you can kill one and kill other enemies to get some more points thats about it.

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