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7800 Serial Number List


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If the EP units were supposedly made in Texas, why do they all clearly say "Made in Taiwan" on the label?


I have wondered the same thing and asked the same question.


I have a guess- maybe all the labels were ordered and printed to say "made in Taiwan" because that is where the ultimate manufacturing location was going to be, and it was just cost effective to print them all this way- ignoring the fact that the first run would come out of Texas. :?:


Anyone else want to hazard a guess or shed some light on the subject? Also, the question as to why my EP model has a # in the 8K range? :ponder:


Thanks in advance!

Indeed. Is there any hard evidence to back up the claim that these EP units were made in Texas and that only 5000 of them were produced, or are those notions just based on hearsay, and thus, likely apocryphal?

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Anyone want to try and explain me this...?


My family is the original owner of this system, and to the best of my knowledge, we've only had one. So I guess my question is why is there 2 labels attached to this particular system? You can tell someone tried to peel the top one off, for one reason or another. I don't think my family would've attached a second label only to peel it off.

Any ideas?

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Maybe you had the unit serviced at some point. Atari service would stick a new label over the top of the original label to indicate that the unit had been serviced. Maybe you peeled off that label.

Hmmm, I don't ever remember getting it serviced, but I was also young at the time that we got it, so it seems like this is the most likely scenario. Thanks!

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Also, you might want to edit the title of this thread and remove "Early" as you now seem to be compiling a list of all 7800 serial numbers, not just the earliest ones.

Good point. I'll make the change. I did originally intend to only track the early ones, but it is kind of interesting to see all the changes now that people have submitted them.

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No, there is no mention of the keyboard on the front, but it has the sticker that maybe covered up the original text on the box itself. Also, there is a sticker on the back that looks like it intentionally covered up some type of advertisement on the box. Maybe the keyboard was mentioned in that section as well. I'll take some pics of the box so you can see.

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here's one more for the list…




A1 7B 5112466

(no expansion port)


this was my sisters console which I received in 1992 when she graduated from college… I believe it was purchased in late 1986 or possibly in early 1987? she is the original owner…

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