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Dungeon Hunter


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According to this we may be seing a Diablo style hack n' slash game we can play until Diablo III\Torchlight or whatever else may come out. I've never heard of Dungeon Hunter but it doesn't look all that bad. I may have to grab it when it comes out as long as the price isn't crazy etc.


Says you can play with up to two other players.


Actually the game reminds me of Champions of Norrath or Baldurs Gate. (red and green circles under the PC's)

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I got it. Finally a hack n slash game thats good and not horrible (Untold Legends). Me and the girlfriend have been playing local co-op for a while now. Great fun!


Its almost an exact duplicate of Torchlight. There are three classes. Fighter, Wizard and Rogue. The graphics are nice, the animations smooth and the menu system great.


It's exactly what I was looking for. Someone who doesnt play videogames and deep RPG's like a family member or my girlfriend. This is perfect. Not too complicated. Not too hard. Just right. It snags you in like Diablo or Torchlight where you feel you want to play a little while longer to see whats in the next room etc.


I saw the Iphone reviews are off the charts (9.0 out 10) while the PS3 version is average.


I give it a thumbs up.


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