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Sega Genesis - 6 Button controllers


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When I launch the Williams Arcade collection with a 6-button controller connected and then go into Robotron 2084 I notice briefly that it says "6-button mode" and I can use the B,C,2,3 buttons as my directional shots. I assume the same will happen if I put Smash Tv in there as well.


Another example of a game that benefits from the 6-button controller, beyond Street Fighter.

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I think this was THE best 16 bit joypad, period...not for the buttons, they were awesome, but the pad itself: just awesome response, comfy, the best in my opinion.


Yeah, the D-pad on the stock 6-button controllers is probably the best I've ever used. So responsive, fluid, and light! The D-pad on the 3-button controller feels very stiff and heavy by comparison, and the other 6-button controller I have (which has turbo and slow features) has a much grainier feel.


BTW, another game that uses the Mode button is Metal Head. And a few others aren't compatible with 6-button mode, like Faery Tale Adventure (certain menus go a bit nuts), Golden Axe II (can't move properly), and Forgotten Worlds (instant GAME OVER!).

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For the Smash T.V. part, I think using the d-pads of the two controllers also locks the game out of two player mode. Shame, since I think that port came out before the six button controllers did.


It might, I will have to check. I am pretty sure that in the NES version, you can do two-players, two d-pads each when using the four-player adapter. I can load up Smash T.V. for the Genesis later and verify if it is only locked to one-player.

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