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You system configuration


What if your base configuration?  

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  1. 1. I have a 99/4A including:

    • Casette player
    • Extended BASIC
    • Editor / Assembler
    • Mini Memory
    • Speech Synth
    • CF7
    • Peripheral Expansion Box (PEB)
    • TI 32K
    • TI Floppy Disk Controller
    • TI RS232
    • TI P-Code Card
    • 3rd Party Disk Controller
    • 3rd Party Memory
    • 1 floppy disk drive
    • 2 or more floppy disk drives
    • IDE hard disk
    • SCSI hard disk
    • Flash based storage (not including CF7)
    • MBX
    • Some other obscure thing

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I gave a ton of stuff away like books, manuals, cards, carts, and P-Boxs. I still have 9 or so consoles some work some do not.

2 P-Boxs, Myarc Quad Density Disk Controller,

CorComp Disk Controller, 2 TI Disk Controller, SCSI WHT Hard Controler, five 3.5 drives, one 5.25 drive.

2 PGRAM (Hopefully being repaired and not toast), 8K SuperSpace cart, XB cart, Commador Monitor, original TI monitor only been used twice.

2 TI RS232 cards, 1 Corcomp RS232 card, 1 Myarc (TI modified) RS232 card.

Also Pcode cards and Speech modules.


Oh yea and a file cabinet full of all the mail I have gotten over the years from TI people. Along with the records of maybe $2000.00 I made in 8 years of work on TI.


Did it for love man, not cash. Wife is happy now as I do not have 3 rooms full of TI stuff.

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My TI setup has one internal 720k 5.25 drive and one internal 1.44mb 3.5 drive, Corcomp 9900 DD/DS controller, 256k Horizon RAM disk, TI 32k and RS-232, cassette, speech synth, MBX expansion system, a Hayes 2400bps modem, two Atari 2600 joysticks, and a Wico trackball.


My Geneve setup is a PFM512k modified Geneve, Myarc HFDC controller, two internal 360k 5.25 drives, Seagate ST-225 20mb MFM hard drive, Rave-99 speech card, Corcomp RS-232, USR 56k V.Everything modem, and Prostick 2 joystick. Also have a TI PHP 2500 dot matrix printer which I interchange between the two systems, but it's currently on the 9640.

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