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What will happen to the downloadable games once the 360 is not supported?


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I was always under the impression a jtagged 360 could only play backups on disc, so that's good to know! I'm not as worried about it now. :)


Flashed DVD roms can only play backups on disc. JTagged consoles can upload entire games onto a hard drive, any size mind you, and basically act like USB Loader on the Wii.

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Well yes, they do indeed have the money to keep it around longer. The question is if some graduate suit wants to do that or not.


The answer is whether or not the shareholders will accept paying the cost (Accept less profit/return.) each month to keep it around. Hint: The answer is no.

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The only reason it was killed last time around was that it placed limitations on the system for the Xbox 360 (Such as the friend's list limit).


If Xbox Live is more flexible now where 360 support with their infrastructure isn't going to put restrictions on their Xbox 720 users, I could see it lasting even longer than it did the last time around. They didn't kill it because it was losing money (Utilized the exact same network as the 360 does), they killed it when the limitations it placed on the majority of their userbase outweighed supporting the small remaining base of users that regularly used the service.

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