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What's good in XBLA?

Rex Dart

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I've been out of the XBLA loop for about a year and a half, since my 360's ethernet got screwed up somehow & wouldn't communicate with other devices. Finally picked up a 4GB slim unit and I'm wondering what I've missed out on in the downloadable games world. Bionic Commando 2 looks neat... anything else?

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Get Doritos Crash Course (free). You can use your avatar and do Ninja Warrior style obstacle courses.


I also highly recommend Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Loads of fun.


Perfect Dark is only 10 bucks I think.


Plants vs Zombies.


Finally, Portal: Still Alive



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Go into Xbox Live and look at the list of top rated games. Download the trial game for the ones that look interesting.


Otherwise I'd recommend Shadow Complex, Pinball FX 2, and Trials HD


Definitely download the Bionic Commando 2 trial before buying. I didn't care for the demo but having recently played through the first one I didn't care for the new control scheme that was different. Other people may not care.

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Torchlight Torchlight Torchlight.

Also Super Meat Boy.

Deathspank is also fun; Diablo-style Loot crawler like Torchlight - the gameplay is less fun but the writing is extremely funny. I've only played the first one.

If you like re-downloading 20 year-old games that are already available on 30 different consoles, then get Doom 2. I did.


I hear Radiant Silvergun is getting the XBLA treatment, so maybe hold on to some points for that.

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There's a ton! Dont know know where to start so here's a few that I can think of at the moment:



- Space Invaders Extreme

- Pinball FX 2

- Pac Man CE

- X-Men Arcade or any old school arcade games


Adventure\Action * Platform

- Limbo

- Sam n Max, Monkey Island remakes

- Tomb Raider Guardian of Light

- Castle Crashers

- DOOM/2/Duke Nukem 3D

- Super Meat Boy



- Plants vs Zombies

- Puzzlequest or Puzzlequest 2

- Peggle



- Torchlight

- Deathspank



Download demo's like a madman and have at it.



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Days of Thunder Arcade


if you like crappy old nascar arcade type games. which i do. :D

I guess the ps3 version gets all the official sponsers from the movie tie in,

too bad we xbox owners don't. :x

it's mine as soon as the price comes down...



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As said before, just download the trial version of whatever looks good to you and you'll find something.


One often overlooked title for retro fans is the indie game Decimation X.. which is only 1 buck I think. I dug it.




Shoot 1-Up is also an awesome indie game that's only a buck or so.

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Like many have said before me.........try demos before you buy anything. That said, I enjoyed Castle Crashers. That seems to be the only game that didn't get multiple approvals before I chimed in. I agree with many of the prior suggestions as well though. It really all comes down to your gaming style. Make sure you test it out before you fork over the M$ Points. Of course get both of the currently free game from Doritos. Crash Course and Harm's Way. Crash Course is a LOT of fun and Harms way isn't too bad either. Hope this helps you deciding on what licenses to purchase. Make sure you transfer all of your previously purchased content to your new console.

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Beyond Good and Evil was just released.

This is one of the greatest games ever made. A complete sleeper and it is on my top 10 favorite games ever. Modern day Zelda game meets Pokemon Snap. All redone in HD. Do not miss this one


Stacking is another brilliant and unique game by Tim Schafer


Limbo is a must play. Unique, challenging, creepy, and very fun. Images will stick with you forever. The sound (or lack of it) sets an unbelievably somber atmosphere. this is the Radiohead of video games.


Shadow Complex is a fantastic game. Reminds me of Flashback mushed together with Old School Metal Gear Solid, but completely modernized. Brilliant game.


Braid is another game not to be missed. Another completely unique game. Fantastic puzzles to figure out and the time control features are really fun.


PacMan CE is amazing. A game you can't stop playing. A "just one mor time" game that will keep you up all night. A whole new way to play pacman. Fast paced twitch game that is a pure adrenaline rush from start to finish.







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Trails HD

Spolsion Man

Shadow Complex

Worms 2

Doom 2

Mega Man 9/10


There is a lot of good time in that list. Trials has to stay at the top of the list. I swear if they put that game and the add ons on a disc I would buy it all again just to be sure I could play in when the next generation of systems comes out and all our DLC dies. Wonderful and addictive game.

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