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Xbox 360 surgery


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So, found out something interesting. My first 360, after 2+ years of faithful use started to red ring randomly. I send it off to be refurbished. By this time, I bought another one(250 gig model) and give my original one to a friend.


He starts playing Halo on it, and the fan makes a loud buzzing noise. He takes it apart, and found out why this Xbox went on the fritz. He found a metal piece, no more than an inch that was being used like a playing card on a kid's bike in relation to the fan.


He surmises this metal part was making its way around the console & moved around whilst in shipping. Instead of randomly short circuiting things causing red rings, it then moved over to the fan. He took it out & the console works fine now.


Heh. Funny. Either way, he gets a free Xbox 360 and I got a bunch more electronics repair favors from him. This is the same friend who put 2 broken Game Boy Advance SPs together to make a good one.

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Nice! Can't beat a FREE Xbox 360.


My friend has fixed so many of my electronics(he loves electronics work & such), I figure I'd pay him back for all those years with a Xbox 360. He's not as much of a retro gaming enthusiast as much as me, but I go to his house and he has more consoles(regular & dedicated) hanging off the TV than I do! He's now enjoying Halo with it. Even gave him a fresh unused headset that came with my 250 gig model.


He also did the A/V mod for my ColecoVision, breadboard & all. The audio is super-quiet, but I can always bring it back to him & play on another CV in the meantime. Dr Phreak has chops.

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