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Teaching XB


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I'm writing a new program to help teach the rudiments of XB... and yes, I am aware that there are already educational programs out there.


It's very simple as of now... It is narrated by the TI... in first person.... yes, I am aware that it's a bit "hokey," but hey... =) I am of the belief that our TIs have personalities and moods which can sometimes change with US. Is this crazy? Perhaps... but I believe it. =)


Anyway, I've written the intro sequence and put the main menu in place. The goal is to go step by step to teach the user the basics of writing a simple game in XB... Each selection will give a description of the function or concept, it will prompt the user to type in a line of code (which is on the screen) and it will then execute that command right inside the program (assuming the user typed in the line exactly right) Here's the incomplete list so far of the topics the program teaches:


1) Loops

2) Screen Display

3) Graphics

4) Sound


6) Disk access


It's just in the early stages of development... but what information would you guys like to see taught in this program?


(these are a few screenshots of the program... so far there are about 10 screens in the program so far, here are 3)








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Well, I'm not writing it for you, man... How SHOULD I be spending my time on here?


Actually - trying to convince my girlie to do it, so it might help her out (TYXB is pretty awful - and yours clearly will be better). She just declared yesterday she didn't want to write games, but wants to make the graphics and make me make the game. Not exactly what I wanted....


As to determining your use of time - honestly not my place to say. XB is pretty trivial and anyone who's here should have the knowledge already - but maybe I'm on crack.


Teach Yourself Assembly - and I'm hooked. :) Think someone else mentioned that, too. I gotta start.



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hehe... Well, my nephews are excited about learning and my son (while he is too young right now) WILL be indoctrinated. =)


I have many irons in the fire... Waiting to receive the EPROMs for Aperture in the mail, writing Beryl, helping a new fella out (who actually inspired me to write this)... I am basically just trying to keep myself engrossed in the TI, and I HATED Teach Yourself XB... It was a big flaming pile of crap.


Sorry if I sounded short in my last post... Been in a pretty bad mood this morning. :)

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Right now I have no irons - but I do have ideas. I have a deserted project (based on my icon - or my icon based on it) and little more than some inklings.


If I were there - I'd toss you a beer. Probably a Yeungling.



As I came back to the TI after being out of it for almost 10 years I was just looking at stuff and ran into DEF in XB.


10 DEF N$=SEG$(X$,22,58)

20 DEF L$=SEG$(N$,1,4)

30 DEF C$=SEG$(N$,6,8)

40 DEF L=Len(L$)


60 INPUT #1:X$

70 IF L=0 then 60

80 PRINT L$;" ";C$:L:

90 GOTO 60


Notice all the work is being done out side the loop. (By the way why is it putting a smile on top of 6,8 ?)

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