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demo showing off new 360 graphics tech


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I didn't realize that Project Milo was never ment to be released.

Not that I personally would have been interested in it, but I figured it was going to be some sort of tech demo packaged with the Kinect.

I actually kind of forgot about it until you posted this.

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Well, this just goes to show you how much hardware is completely wasted today. Look at what they are uncovering now. Absolutely no need to be throwing away a good console! Just upgrade its programming and you're on your way. Eventually the 2600 will be doing shit like this before long.


I hope they loose the brown-tan tinting to everything though. Must be a graphic artist fad or something. An attempt at "cut sophistication"?? I don't like it and I tend to avoid stuff like this. So despite the technical achievement, it is definitely lost on me.


And what's with the Halo-matrix glowing? That's old-man cataract-disease! Very unpleasant to look at.

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I've been fooled by demos and promises before. I'm not going to do a happy dance until I'm playing an actual game that uses this new technology.


There's been about 2 games that use this technology, for computers only.


Not to bring up a flame war, but is the PS3 capable of tessillation?

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