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Season 7 Round 1 - Ghosts 'N Goblins


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Welcome to week 1 of the 7th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


Rounds will last two weeks this season, so the next round will begin on April 3, 2 weeks from today.


Twin Galaxies now requires people to create an account and log in if they wish to view high scores. I object to this, and as a result I will no longer be listing TG high scores with each round's game.


This week's game is going to be Ghosts 'n Goblins


Title: Ghosts 'n Goblins

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: November, 1986 (US)



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Hi, my name's SoulBlazer, and I'm a NES addict! :P


Been here on the forums for a while and never even knew about this till last month. Sounds fun and I'd like to take part in this.


Here I was looking forward to this, though, and you have to start with one of the toughest NES games ever made! :D


When I had this game on my system as a kid, I got quite good at it. Now, as a 35 year old adult, well..... :ponder:


Anyway, fired up the ROM in Nestopia, played for about a hour, and used the ground rules of no continues, no save states, and no hanging around a area to just get points, but trying to play 'normaly' and finally got halfway through Stage 3.


Top score: 55,000


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Thats all I can manage so far. I have had the game for a while and never really played it, this is as hard as people say for sure.


And I agree entirely about the Twin Galaxies crap. Why would they do that? Just to make people sign up for a free site? I assume its free.

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I've always avoided this game because I've heard how ****ing hard it is.


But, since a contest is up and I never shy away from retro gaming contests




*Disclaimer: I ****ing suck at this game


Man you're not alone. I can't get anywhere in this game, lol. I like the music but the gameplay is too freekin hard to be any fun

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Yeah, it's super-tough. This is one of the few instances I can think of where the arcade version is actually easier than the home port. That's not to say the arcade version is easy by any stretch, though. It's just far more "doable" than the NES one, IMO.

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I play everyday, I'm very interested in this HSC, but this game takes it right out of me. I can't get more then a game of two in before I'm worried about the safety of the people around me :D


I'll post more scores tonight I hope, and I'm off tomorrow with plans to play more. We are interested, this game is HARD!

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I disagree. It's challenging but still fun to play. Maybe some of you guys should read an FAQ to get some gameplay pointers?




Its fun and challenging for sure. Maybe more challenging then fun. After a week or so playing I'm still only getting past the first flying boss guy about 20% of the time. It also really seems like the points are random here. Just a matter of what things drop when you kill them.


I had 32900 with one of those 10k bonuses on the ground when a ghost got me out of no where. Challenging ;)

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