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Tandy pong


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I was at a flea market and saw a pong game, I'm wondering how much I should pay for it. It's the Radioshack TV Scoreboard mod. 60-3064 looks like this. The one I found had it's box and looked in nice shape, the only thing missing was the manual. So yeah I'm just trying to decide if it's worth it. Oh, and what's a good price for blip? There's one of those there too.


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Some years ago now, I found a TV Scoreboard in box (again, no manual) at a rummage sale for $1. ;) It did, however, include the optional power adaptor.


I think this was a later model because it included the lightgun. It is currently packed away in storage so I cannot easily check the catalogue number.


The box certainly adds to the collectable value. The only boxed system I have ever encountered is mine.

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