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Just Cause 2


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Last week I managed to find Just Cause 2 at Target. This game is really hard to get ahold of. Got it for $30 finally in the burbs.


In short, I'm having a blast with it. The grappling hook is great fun & a great getaway tool. Died on one of the early Ular Boys missions, but as soon as I got past that, the game got a bit easier. Now I'm just driving around, collecting weapon packages to make things a bit easier for gun fights later on.

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There's a Just Cause 2 demo if you want to check it out.




I got to 90% completion on the game and that was over 100 hours of play time.


Actually it looks like there's a Just Cause demo as well:



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Yea, admittedly I'm just being lazy on this one, that and I have such a large backlog that I won't necessarily ever get to this game, I was just curious. I know Just Cause was available at our local Circuit City (of course when there were such things) for what seemd like forever in the bargain bin....maybe for $10. Just never got around to picking it up.

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Is this series similar to Merceanaries games? It sounds like it, but I have no handson experience with Just Cause games. I enjoyed the Mercenaries games though. Love me some Bunker Busters!


As I've played Merc 1 & 2, I will give a resounding yes.


The grappling hook you use in Merc to grapple choppers is available for anywhere & anything in JC. With that, you have to do a quicktime sequence(which I'm horrible at) to succesfully take the chopper. Messing it up actually hurts health in JC, where in Merc you just fall several thousand feet to your non-death.


Sure, you can't radio in airstrikes(that always happen really close to you), but there's plenty of other stuff to do and I've only got 4% completed in the game.


Learning how to do inerta-gains with the parachute(so you can fly longer) takes a bit of skill to get used to. Once you get the hang of it, you can just fly almost anywhere you want.


What do I have to do for the black market guy to unlock the MP5-like gun?

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