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IDE Plus 2.0 - new IDE host adapter


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Hmm, well, that may be it. I formatted at 512 BPS. In fact, I did everything at 512 BPS. I will reformat and try again.


I will also try FMTDIR. It was my understanding it did not make a difference, but hell, I am open to anything by this point.

512 BPS is SDX 4.4x only.


If you are using a CF or SD card via adapter on your IDE+, it may be that it had not been formatted properly. A few days ago I ran into such troubles as Win 7 didn't format CF cards formerly used in cameras. The formatting information written to them by APT from FJC or FDISK by KMK seemed to perform properly, but produced somehow unusable partitions. The funny thing with it was that I could write the A8 software to them, but no boot at all or bogus boot processes. What helped was doing a formatting overkill by Linux using one of the formats totally unknown to Win and thereafter format a 'Standard FAT' using Win. Then everything worked fine. Also funny was the creation of the FAT16 with APT to be used by the FATFS.SYS on those crazy CF cards. It drove me nuts showing unbelievable data while partly working.

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512 BPS can be handled via the BlackBox, but it treats it like 256 at the DOS level (or so I am given to understand).


Reformatting it at 256 solved my problems. It boots fine. I can copy files fine, we shall see what happens as we move into the process.

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