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dispell the myths and other crapola


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There is entirely too much BS being passed around the forums as of late. This is a clearing house for fact based only tips and tricks about anything TI related. No junk science here. Post your verified info at this location and avoid the chin deep pile of pseudo coding shit ;-).


To kick it off...... Here is a fact....


#1..... The DIV/MPY instructions are faster than any code that replicates them. Those who say they are junk and should be avoided,do not understand the effluent they are uttering. sometimes you gotta divide or multiply, why not do it in hardware (where it is much faster ? ;-) ) Perhaps those that shun do not understand. DIV/MPY are powerful tools, the envy of processors that do not have them. Neverlander has DIV's and MPY's all over the place but of course that's not much of a game.........

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TI is getting back into the home computer business... I saw a press release:


3/26/2011 : DALLAS, TX - For Immediate Release:


With the introduction of new computing platforms such as the iPad and Smart Phones, TI has uncovered a new opportunity to re-enter and control the entire technology market space. We have noticed, with the power of advanced computer systems comes long loading times. Users long for the days of yore with no load times. TI has determined that immediate availability of applications is crucial to the business and entertainment needs of today's computer users. The time for this is right since there has been an alarming demand and creation of new software on the TI-99/4A Programming Forum on AtariAge.com. Third party titles have been developed at an alarming rate and are all available to end users for free. AtariAge.com has become the app store of the TI-99/4A.


To that end, effective immediately, TI is going to reintroduce it's pioneering computer, the TI-99/4A. This has always been part of TI's long term plan. Buried beneath the desert, right next to Atari's plot of ET cartridges, is our remaining stock of TI-99/4A computers - brand new. Our manufacturing costs will be zero and we will actually be able to offer these to market without an inflation adjustment at the original retail price of $299.99. The TI-99 offers advanced capabilities such as solid-state software and is expandable with an unnecessarily large box for which one could never fill.


Following on with this product release, on April 1, 2011, just six days later, we will introduce the TI-100/5B. The computer will offer all the features of the TI-99/4A but, due to advances in technology, will offer the entire library of original software burned into memory and usable immediately, without any loading delays. Pricing to be announced.


Finally, we wish to note that TI technology is developed in a sustainable manner. Users may store their own data on cassette tapes, which was an important technology for storing music in bye-gone times. There is a tremendous supply of these devices in land fills. This will create millions of jobs for people to search landfills to find this again-needed resource.

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