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2600 9s: results so far


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Ever since I can remember (7 years back) berenstain bears was always considered a "nine" by most collectors.  Now, I believe it is not as rare as we once belived.  Still, it is vary hard to find it in the wild since it was a third party educational title with limited release.


Yeah, I dont know why Atariage's rarity guide for Berenstain Bears still sitting for rarity 9?




Maybe it need to review it.




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tooth protectors complete


Ah, but you're missing the cardboard shipping box! ;)





I have personally gazed upon the Tooth Protectors in the Rick Weis collection. It is complete and includes:

  • original cardboard shipping box

  • styrofoam inner box with styro box lid

  • Tooth Protectors band of tape around the styro box

  • original plastic bag around the game cartridge

  • game cartridge

  • game instructions

  • cardboard insert concerning vertical hold adjustment

What else is there?



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the guide serves as a guideline to show how rare somthing is I do agree some carts that are a 2 like Atlantis day pic deserve a higher rating but we must not forget how many of these carts end up in land fills each year!


People say, what do we need that old Atari lying around in the attic for throw that junk out! so most carts will end up in landfills and not flea markets.


This only makes these rare carts more rare due to these types of people who don't know they may have one or two rare carts.


Did you hear that it sounds like another waterworld being polverized by the trash compacter on the back of a refuse vheicle.





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My rarity 9's are:



Berenstein Bears-Complete sealed

Bumper Bash-Loose(NTSC)

Condor Attack-loose

Q-Berts Qubes-Loose

Spikes Peak-with instructions

Swordquest Waterworld-with instructions

Tomarc the barbarian/motocross racer-loose

Tooth Protectors-loose

Wall Defender-loose(NTSC)


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Update to bfstats collection:



Berenstain Bears (boxed)

KidVid (complete, no box)

Wall Defender (boxed)

Z-Tack (boxed)

Glib (boxed)

Rescue Terra I (boxed)

X-Man (loose)

WaterWorld (boxed)



Ikari Warriors NTSC (traded to Tempest at CGE)

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I've been MIA for the last month, working on the copyediting of my book, so I didn't know this thread was going on. Please add me in for:



Out of Control (with manual)

Stronghold (complete)


Quadrun (with manual)

Waterworld (boxed with comic)

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