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Flashback 2 Power Supply?

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I just won a Flashback 2 on EBAY. It was described as like new, and used once.


I got it today in the mail. It looks great, but it is missing the power supply!


I emailed the seller, but in case he can't find the power supply, what is a good replacement?


The closest physical store to me is Radio Shack. Anyone have any suggestions?


What does it need, just a 9V power supply?

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Yes. Everything seems OK. It plays fine. My son had a group of his 12 year old friends over, and they played it for quite awhile. They got a real kick out of it. Although, they kept calling it a "Guitari!"


I think I must have the second revision as the "Quadrun" voice is working properly.


But....no manual. And the older posts now have outdated links to the manual from the Atari Web site, which does not have the manual available any more.

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