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CrazyBrix - WIP


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Thanks for the update, Mitch. Who's Albert?


Back to the Brix, I finished disassembling the Crazy Brix (16K game) code today, 100% done. With due respect to Bob's potential active sales for a recent game design, I will NOT post this disassembly. There was one omission in the code that I can post...one instruction at $CF15 was missing from the source list compared to the matching binary (checksum = $1E14). For most of us, this is of no consequence as the game functions 100% OK. This is just FYI.



CF09---A5-00-----LDA #$00

CF0B---85-5A-----STA LIVES+1

CF0D---99-00-24--STA SCRSCOR,Y


CF11---C0-1C-----CPY #LASTCOL

CF13---30-F4-----BMI GO1PLOOP







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This is a question for PMP. I run BRIX on ProSystem 1.3, the one dated 12-5-2008. On ProSystem (both on my PC running XP as a PC, and running XP on my Mac running as a Mac) and the BRIX shows color transitions midway in the bricks instead of at the brick borders. I burn an EPROM and the transitions look correct on 78 hardware. So the question is, what's wrong with my ProSystem? Was there a later (or earlier) ProSystem that is compatible with BRIX? Cuz I took photos of all 32 levels (before I knew there was a problem) and ready to post, but they're all wrong, so I can't post. The quality of photos is much better on my computer(s) so I want to get it working right on the computer(s). Is there a site to recommend for the latest and greatest download? THX, ///BLUEman///

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Hey Blue:


The version of ProSystem that shows the (more correct - but not 100%) timing and actually has the high score cart code was given to me by another user here who doesn't want it shared. Although ProSystem is under the "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE", the modifications he made aren't (which kind of goes against what GNU is all about - sharing). Why he doesn't want it shared is up to his own reasons, but I cannot unfortunately give it out to anyone.




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Yo Bob, thanks for the rapid response. So what you're saying is I need to hack the games to make them do what I want and then I need to hack the emulator to make it do what I want. No shortage of work to do here. No wonder we're designing hardware and software that's not compatible with the emulator any more. This leaves me with 3 choices, a. don't post the discrepant color 32 levels of BRIX photos, b. post the discrepant photos, or c. fix the emulator so I can shoot a new set and then post them.


Back 2 BRIX...I assume I have the permish to post a newer version of BRIX [binary,a78]. I will NOT post my disassemblies until at least 4 years after original final release [2015 in the case of BRIX] unless the original designer approves and/or demands it. No one has suggested what the SOL on these new-era 7800 games should be, so I'm proposing a 4 year hush period. In the case of BRIX we do need someone to create new mazes, but that's not me right now. I'm 2 busy. I needed to do 5 things to make the new BRIX just right, and I have the 2 critical features so far. Tonight I'll see if I can do #3, and then I'll see if I can create a new set of photos.


By the by, Bob, I'm still enjoying Armor Atk2 in my spare time. The mazes are fine to me. I did re-do it so it doesn't decrement lives and this is good for me as I'm training to improve my skill at it. ///BLUEMAN///

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PMP: How about a three-fer, based on the Namco games Bomb Bee, Gee Bee, and Cutie Q? Those would work perfectly on the 7800.


attachicon.gifgee bee.jpg attachicon.gifbomb bee.jpg attachicon.gifcutie q.jpg

That one in the middle looks like a Commodore 64 game I had (and played with paddles). Actually I probably still do - I think it was a cart.

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Broke 300,000 on this earlier today, using a pair of Sears paddles I found at a flea market last weekend (which my brother duly cleaned alongside my original Atari-branded paddles that I've had since the late '70s) and with the normal difficulty setting. Some of the screens are incredibly frustrating, but once you pass the screen with no side or top wall, it looks like you get the first screen again, with much faster balls, then random screens.


Really enjoying this game.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Crazy Brix on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch! Hope you can join us!






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5 hours ago, PacManPlus said:

@ZeroPage Homebrew Thank you for playing this game last night.  I forgot how fun it was to make, and test.  I wish you had made it farther into the game... There comes a point where the walls are even gone!  (The ball wraps horizontally and vertically) :D

Thank you so much for making such a great game! It was really fun to play one of the few 7800 paddle games. I'm actually surprised I made it as far as I did. I enjoy breakout style games but usually don't make it very far in!


- James

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