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Finally found a Vectrex


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I started collecting game systems and games about four years ago. Like everyone else, I have watched the older systems become harder to find and the prices climb. Used to find stuff in garage sales and flea markets, but that seems to have dried up. What really irks me is the sellers on Ebay that seem to be cornering the market on some systems and driving prices to ridiculous levels. Sometimes they seem almost insane! The problem is that other sellers see these silly prices and everything goes up because they think these crooks are experts.

Take the Vectrex for example. I've always wanted one for my collection (and to play with!), but the prices have climbed to the point where I just gave up. There are six systems on Ebay right now ($549, $169.99, $299.99, $399.99, $799.99, and one wingnut who is asking $2,480!). Tack on $20+ for shipping. A couple of years ago, they were on ebay for $40 - $80 pretty regular. Things are just crazy.


Well there is still hope my brothers and sisters! The other day I stopped at a flea market just for grins and like usual, was not finding anything. Then all the way in the back of the building was a Vectrex console under some other boxes. Plugged it in and it worked fine. Guy asked $75, I talked him down to $50 and went home with a nice looking working Vectrex! Score!


Then I looked on Ebay for a new controller for a backup - Holy Cow - $150 for just a controller. Here we go again....


Minestorm rocks!


Keep Playin'


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I, too, wanted a 2nd controller, but $150!!! Come on! Luckily I spotted a buy it now Vectrex with controller and minestorm overlay for $99 buy it now from Canada, which cost $47 to ship to the US, but now I have my backup Vectrex AND a 2nd controller.

So there are still deals on eBay if you keep at it.

My 1st Vec is a 1982 bought new when the prices crashed. This one I just got is 1983, says GCE Canada, but looks, works, and sounds the same.

Can't wait for "Warrior" Just ordered that. Number 70 of 100. I heard there are 20 left. Played it on MAME, but it's one of the few arcade game I never saw in person.

New Vectrex game in 2011... I never would have believed...

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Nice find. The price of Vectrex systems for about the past year have been at a all time high. While I don't think anyone will ever be able to score one for $50 system again, eventully the prices will go down. It seems like one system will be really sought after and go for high prices for awhile, and then eventully that systems price will go down, while another system is being skyrocketed. Take Jaguar for example. I remember about two years ago Jaguar games and systems were at a all time high like the Vectrex is now, you couldn't even get a system that wasn't around $100. Games were ridiculous AVP was $40 cart only, and Rayman was going for like $80. Now you can get Rayman for around $40, and Jaguar systems arn't normally going for $100 unless theres something rare in the auction. So this whole $200 for a Vectrex system thing won't last forever.

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I've had some good luck buying Vectrex units at a good price on eBay (these are all prices after shipping).


May, console only with no controller. XY pots a little off, haven't fixed yet. $64

June, console with original box, two controllers. $165

July, console with two controllers (one malfunctioning) and 6 games. $102. (Sold this one for $80 here on AA.)

October, console with controller. $65 (off Craigslist).

November, console with controller and 8 CIB games (including Star Castle and Pole Position). $199.


I think only the last one was a BIN; the other ones were regular auctions. There are a couple of rules if you want a Vectrex for $100 or less, and they're a little paradoxical.


1. Be patient when the unit is for auction.

2. Be impulsive when the unit is BIN and bundled with CIB games. If the unit is described as working, don't wait long to BIN if you have the funds. You will probably want to buy the games later anyway, but it helps to know that there isn't a CIB Vectrex game that you can't sell for at least $20 on eBay.


I would venture to say that there's at least one listing every week where the Vectrex console would cost you less than $100 if you were willing to sell the games it came with.

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We'll got my first vectrex 3 years ago for 35 euro without overlay, but working with controller that had a broken spring. Found it on a dutch site like ebay. It buzzes a bit to loud, but i have a set of caps waiting to be replaced, and the i will fix the buzz. The broken spring is already fixed, with the help of a old atari 2600 cart, as a donor for the new spring.

My second vectrex i bought this summer. Got it with 5 or 6 games, can't remember. All games where cib, but boxes where a bit damaged. Got 2 minestorm overlays, working console and good working joystick at a second hand store for the big sum of 6 euro! It was my second best find. My first best find was a set of 4 prototypes for the videopac/odyssey2.

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Vectrex love in the house :thumbsup:


I recently bought my first vectrex and love the old beast... like one of boxpressed scores, I got mine off craigslist for $80 with 3 loose games. If you count the gas to go pick it up I was near $100. I've since added 10 more titles to my library all with overlays, this system ROCKS and there's no other system like it !!


Everyone who likes arcade/retro gaming should have one of these :grin:

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I, too, wanted a 2nd controller, but $150!!! Come on! Luckily I spotted a buy it now Vectrex with controller and minestorm overlay for $99 buy it now from Canada, which cost $47 to ship to the US, but now I have my backup Vectrex AND a 2nd controller.


This is the way to go honestly, or mod a controller from a different system.

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Great pickup!

Love my Vec, and glad I got mine when I did...

At the time I thought it was a bit spendy, but now it's looking like a good deal..


First thing you should get when you get a chance is the VecMulti.

Although, I think it's on hold for a bit waiting for more cases, but when it's available, grab one!!


I thought about a second controller, but just haven't been able to justify the cost.

And my wife isn't worried that we can't play 2 player vectrex games.. ;-)


I still think I'll probably pick up a modified one at some time...


I keep hearing rumors that someone might start producing the homebrew 3D adapter again.

Yes, it's not the color wheel joy that is the original, but it doesn't require a 2nd mortgage either..

Glad I got that when it was being made; but I hear rumors from time to time that it might come back..





p.s. Did I mention you should get a VecMulti first? ;-)

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Got the score of the century a couple of years ago on craigslist....Boxed Vectrex with 3D glasses(boxed) and 20 CIB games....(many of them the rare ones)...$100. Person selling it was selling it as an "old computer". Have a complete set now(of released games) CIB. It is one of a string of crazy scores I have gotten over the years.

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I will look for a multi cart. That makes even more sense now that repro overlays are available.


There are instructions on the web for converting a Genesis or PS1 controller to work with the vectrex. It is not hard to do and it works really well. Given the prices for actual controllers, it is worth the effort.

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$ 50 for a working Vectrex is a great deal, so congrats on that!


I got 6 Vectrex games + a controller from a friend in exchange for some Belgian beer.

A few months ago I bought a working Vectrex with 6 games (no overlays however) and a controller for around $ 30, which was a steal. In fact, the guy who sold it to me thought that it was broken.

Apparently it wasn't :-)

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