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How many Atari units do you have?

Rhindle The Red

How many Atari units do you have?  

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  1. 1. How many Atari units do you have?

    • None
    • 1 - 4
    • 5 - 19
    • 20 - 49
    • 50 - 99
    • 100 or more

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Just noticed this topic and would like to do a quick inventory of my Atari consoles and computers:


3 X Atari 2600 VCS (in box)

1 X Atari 2600 Jr

1 X Atari 800

1 X Atari 400 (in box)

1 X Atari XEGS

1 X Atari Jaguar (in box)

2 X Atari Lynx (in box)

1 X Atari 520ST (in box)

1 X Atari VCS (All in bundle box)

1 X Atari Flashback 


13 total units


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Wow, this thread is an oldie! Since it's been 10+ years since I posted I should probably update my tally.


2600 (x5) [1x Heavy Sixer, 1x Light Sixer, 2x 4-switch Woodies, and 1x Vader]


Lynx (x3) [one is broken so not sure if the counts]


Down to 9 from 11.


Not sure if I should count my Plug'n'Plays. If so, off the top of my head...


Flashback 2 (x3) [one is disassembled for tinkering]

Jakks Joystick

Jakks Dual Paddle

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