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Screen printed reproduction overlays for Vectrex Options now forsale


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So where can you buy the artwork for the console itself?




You cant,,,Outta print for awhile.


But you can look at mine!:D





I know you have one. Thought you did it yourself all this time. If I had the files I could die cut them myself. Making the die cutter files would be a pain, perhaps worth it.




I went back to that original posting. I even said I cant take the credit for my skin, just the 3D imager, SK flashcart and other Vekky boxes were mine. Someone else posted that I did a good job on it. If I had my way at a wrap I do Berzerk/Frenzy. Or Tron..:D


Id try to scan this for you but Im affraid to take it off. I have to one day to make my own wrap anyhow. I'll send you the template also when the time comes.;)

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If I can plot it out on my program to use with my cutter, I'd love it if you made a design. Coarse, it took days to plot out the 7800 overlay. A whole system would take me a long while (so not any time soon). I've got to get some of these overlays the OP is selling. Would be great if there were a whole pack for us VecFlash owners. I collect the games (slowly, I have 6 now) but would rather not take them out of the boxes.



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