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Ature - action adventure cart for the Atari 2600


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Ature is an action adventure game for the Atari 2600 being released at TooManyGames in limited edition. There will only be 15 copies made, one of which is being given away at the show.


The game comes in a special box that's only being made for the show, along with instruction manuals and labels of course. They all say TooManyGames on them and are hand numbered.


The boxes are modeled after a style called "Taiwan Cooper" which you can see more of them in the AtariAge database here: http://www.atariage.com/label_page.html?LabelID=109


Here's some prototype pictures of the box. Here's the front/side:




Here's the back, complete with unnecessary dashes and a misspelled word just like it came from Taiwan:




The game was made by Beoran. You can see more screen shots as well as download a full playable game here:




This game is NTSC only. Don't PM me to purchase a copy here, as you can only get these at the show. In the future we may release the game as cartridge and label only at a reduced cost if people are interested.


Please note: I can only attend the show either Saturday or Sunday. Once my friend gets back to me on which day is better for him I will update everyone with my status both here and via the TooManyGames website.

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Why such a limited number? Typically, these sorts of things sell out at CGExpo, even if they have 100 for sale.

Is TooManyGames a smaller venue, as far as classic gamers are concerned? Just curious, since I noticed that the Dig Dug NES game is also limited to 15 copies.



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I am only limited by the money in my pocket lol since I need to pay bills and stuff. Had I started work earlier I could have afforded to get more made. So, my 15 has nothing to do with Dig Dug's 15. I just added how much it costs to produce, looked at how much money I had, and there I was.


I might also have my Skull Island prototype wood cartridge on display.


Will also have some stuff for sale. I think my friend is bringing just about every Nintendo Power and I have some game systems.

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Keep an eye. I'll update this thread as soon as I hear from my friend to know what date we'll be there.


Next year I plan on preparing in advance more often and releasing a few games as well as some of my classic game artwork.


If you see me with either the wood cartridge or Ature on the table come say hi. :) I'm thinking since Dig Dug is being released for NES I might wear my purple Dig Dug shirt, but who knows what I'll wear in the end.

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Only 15, only at one weekend half around the globe for me, and only NTSC? This is sad :sad:

because this game DESERVES to be on a cartridge.


Dear Atari_afternoon,


I'm focusing on another huge game project for PC now, so for the forseeable future I don't have time to

work on Ature and make a PAL version. But if, say, 15 or more ask me, I'll probably make a PAL version.


If you really can't wait for that, the game comes with full source code and can be compiled to a PAL version

and modified to make it work by yourself or anyone else who knows how to. So sorry to keep you waiting,

but I hope you can understand my priorities. :)


Kind Regards,



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No problem, Beoran :) thanks for your understanding. And all the best for your PC game project!

I like the above cartridge layout.

I have bought a few homebrews for the Atari Lynx and THIS, if any, would be the 2600 one I´d like at one time:)

Imagine this had been on the GBA AtariAnniversiary, which includes hald a dozen homebrew titles!


Maybe you can make this be part of a future collection?! Atari compilations for other systems are often a great (re)introduction, and it would bring you more recognition.

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Well, I put an hour in making a real pal version with changed colors and everything.

The colors don't match exactly, but should be playable. It works on an emulator, but I don't know

if it will on the real system.


I have uploaded it to GitHub, the web service I use to keep my source code.

Look here: http://github.com/beoran/eruta/tree/master/tool/ature

Especially the file ature.bas.pal.bin is what you need.


New versions will always appear here. Or take the attached file it's the same for now.


I hope that that will satisfy people here. But if it bugs out on the real console,

someone else will have to fix it as I don't have the knowledge.




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Yeah you started talking about some fees like setup or whatever.. I can just do digital printing and be fine.


If anyone is interested I'll probably be at NAVA this Saturday showing off Ature.




I will be there!!!!


PS: I never heard back from you about the printing quote...

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