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How to Attach Files and Images

Random Terrain

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The forum software can mangle bB code (mess up sprite data and strip away all of your indenting), so you might want to attach your .bas file to save time. (Don't worry, AtariAge can handle .bas files and playable .bin files, so you don't have to ZIP them up first.) If you don't know how to attach a file, here's how to do it:

  • Look below the box where you type your text. You should see the word Attachments and a Browse button below that. (When replying to a thread, you'll need to click on the More Reply Options button first, but if you are editing a post, you'll need to click on the Use Full Editor button instead.)


  • Click the Browse button, find your .bas file (or whatever file you want to attach) and select it.


  • After the file has been selected, click on the Attach This File button and wait for the file to be attached (it should only take a second or two for a .bas file).


  • When the file has been attached, it should be listed above the Browse button. If you leave things as they are, the file will be attached at the end of your post whenever you finish and click the Add Reply button.


  • Instead of attaching a file or files to the end of your post, you also have the ability to place files anywhere in your post (with text above it and below it). Look to the right of the file name of your attached file and you'll see Add to Post | Delete. Just place your cursor in the text box where you want the file to go (make space for it if needed), then click on Add to Post. You should see something that looks kind of like this:


The attachment info above also works for things like playable .bin files and .gif, .jpg and .png image files. (Never try to upload .bmp files. It's not an Internet-friendly format.) Speaking of images, if the image is large and it doesn't need to be, please resize the image before attaching it. Nobody wants to clog up their computer with a two megabyte image that would take a wall full of monitors to display. If you don't have a program that can resize an image, try IrfanView. It's freeware. And remember that you can attach more than one file to a post, you just have to add them one at a time.


If you have a small bit of code or a tiny program you'd like to post in a code box (using the code box icon post-13-0-97163900-1303807583.png), you might want to run your code through the batari Basic Code Cleaner first. It will make sure your indentations will stay where they are. If you edit your post without using the plain, no features version of the editor, the spaces will be stripped from your code boxes. It's another fun feature that IP.Board added to mess with us (I'm surprised they are still in business).


Here is an animated GIF that might be helpful:






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