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April 2011 Classic Computer Gathering

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When: April 30th, 1pm till midnight

Where: Marshall Michigan (49068), I69/I94 intersect at Marshall

Who: Anyone within driving distance who wants to spend a day kicking around classic computers and systems


I'm offering my messy basement for a gathering on Saturday April 30th from 1pm till midnight (if anyone lasts that long.) I can provide some tables, chairs, electricity, bathroom, Internet access, and an initial round of carbonated beverages. I'll have gear to trade and/or give to a good home and at least 1 working coin-op in the garage to play. Please RSVP with me via PM so I know what to expect and to get my address.


This gathering is mostly going to be focused on "classic computers" (fixing, using, programming, hacking, mods, demos, etc.) more than gaming, however gaming is fine too, but I'd like to keep it to classic gear, i.e. no PC's, modern consoles, etc. Basically anything pre 1990 or so. As for computers, anything *not* a PC or MAC (unless it is old pre 1990 gear.)


Tempest is going to bring his 99/4A gear to get some tech help, and also some 8-bit Atari stuff to help me with my 800XL. A local friend is going to have his NES set up for some classic gaming. I'll have the F18A available for demo, an FPGA PAC-MAN, and various 99/4A setups.

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Had a blast. For those who weren't there you missed out on some Spectravideo SV-328 action (seriously)! Got my TI-99 keyboard fixed and learned how to use the CF7+ (finally). Looking forward to doing this again.



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