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How many successful mods on the FB2+?

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I've read a lot of the posts on this board about the mods on the various revisions of the FB2, but how bout the FB2+. It seems that Batari uncovered what might be a manufacturing defect when he attempted the mod:




Has anyone else successfully modded their FB2+ without having to repair the trace to pad #20?


I'm a smart guy, but not very experienced testing continuity on a PCB. Using a multimeter, is there a way for me to check if pad 20 has this problem on my FB2+?

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I just completed my mod successfully this evening. My trace for Pad 20 was also damaged, but I found that the fifth pin from the right on the lower side of the ROM chip is directly connected to the A11 line on the Michele chip. I soldered the A11 pin from the cartridge port to this pin on the ROM chip, and all is well, without needing to do delicate work on the trace itself.

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Aweseome find gnash - before you move on from this completely, do you think you could post a picture? I haven't started my FB2+ mod yet, but I've just acquired the part and was planning on doing it soon.


Sorry for the delay. I have documented the fix here : http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/183250-fb2-cart-port-workaround/


Good luck with your mod!

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