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Avatar Freebies Question


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Not that I'm interested in playing games just to collect them, but I'm simply curious.... which Xbox360 games give you freebies for your avatar and how many have you won?


I was playing some South Park Lets Go Tower Defense last night with my son and a couple others and won a South Park hat. I know I've also received some Halo stuff from Reach and Waypoint, a Duke Nukem T-shirt, a couple items from Crackdown 2, a shirt from Left for Dead 2, a couple Keffling items, and a few other things.


Its kind of funny when a message pop's up during a game that I won a prize and I go "Huh???". :? LOL


Anyway, I'm just curious what others are being awarded and what you played to receive them.




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I have a lot of awards.

Most are T shirts, but some give some pretty cool props (My favorite)

Some only have a couple, others have a bunch of awards.


Off the top of my head...


Alan Wake - T shirt is all I have, there may be others.

LIPS - Has a bunch of stuff you can unlock, mostly music related clothing I think

LIMBO - I have a T-Shirt

Perfect Dark - T Shirt

Toy Soldiers - Can get a helmet and a cool retro gas mask.

Left 4 Dead - Not sure if they both give awards but I've got L4D T shirts, and a goofy med pack prop.

Costume Quest - Can get a pumpkin head mask and something else, I think a candy bag prop or something.

Magic : Duels of the Planeswalkers - This one has some, I think all I have is a T-shirt, but there is also a Magic deck prop.

Doom II - Nice award, an entire marine outfit from head to toe!

Crackdown 2 - This is one that has quite a few I think. I got a pair of FREAK slippers.

Pinball FX 2 - Has some including a robe.

Lazy Raiders -Once finished this one gives you an explorers outfit and hat.


Also while not a game, Halo Waypoint gives you some awards. I think a Helmet and a prop.


I'm sure there are plenty more, I keep remembering more as I type this ending....

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