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The Official "Thrift finds" Thread


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I lucked out last week when i walked in the usual gaming shop and found some boxed Colecovision, Imagic, and Intellivision games:


ColecoVision:All CV boxes in almost mint condition:



Space Fury

Lady Bug

Ken Uston BlackJack




Space Armada

Poker & BlackJack


Star Strike

B-17 Bomber

Tron Deadly Discs



Imagic Beauty And The Beast. Mint box, with instructions

Space Battle

Space Hawk

Night Stalker


Donkey Kong


Space Spartans

Triple Action


Tron Maze-A-Tron (sealed)





Nothing rare, but all INTV boxes were gatefold, mint, all with instructions and had all Overlays. :thumbsup: :)

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Got 10 portable games for $10 + tax at my local gaming shop today:


Game Boy - Dead Heat Scramble, Fist of the North Star, Ms. Pac-Man, Romstar World Bowling, Urban Strike

Game Boy Advance - Iridion 3D, Matchbox Missions, Pinobee: Wings of Adventure

Game Gear - F-15 Strike Eagle, Poker Face Paul's Solitaire


Nothing too earthshaking, but hard to beat the price!

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I got it at a local Denver game store called Level 7 Games. I've known those guys awhile and they've always treated me right.


I'll second that with Level 7 Games. They've got two locations, have always been very helpful to me. I'll go to them first for particular gaming needs before I hit the other independents in town.

I have been meaning to check them out.
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Found this today for $2 at a thrift. I can't open most of the files at the moment (they're AI files but my Adobe isn't able to open them) but they're mostly promo art of characters and locations, including a black and white size reference chart of the main characters. I'm guessing the fax sheet was to send to Fox for clearances. It's nice having the whole theme song as well. :)

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Man, it's been a LONG time since I've posted in here. Not that I haven't been buying stuff, just not much that would qualify as "thrifty." :ponder:


Yesterday was a rare exception. We were at an antique/collectors mall and I found this in a case that had a bunch of sports cards and stuff in it. It was a plastic bag marked as "Rare Atari Manuals" and it was $18 after a 20% discount. It was a fat pack about 2-3 inches thick so I took a chance. I figured if nothing else, they could get bundled in with systems and games I need to sell.


Boy am I glad I did. It turned out to be over 200 manuals and catalogs, no duplicates, and a number of them are pretty rare. Before this, out of the 300+ 2600 carts I had, I had about 150 manuals to go with them. With this lot, I was able to add an astounding 55 new manuals to my collection! Plus, there were a number of them for games I don't even have yet! I took a pic of just some of the more interesteing ones.


Let the 2012 season begin!



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Found two Macintosh computer (a Plus and I forget what the other one was) the other day, pretty incomplete. The Plus came with a keyboard, a mouse, and a newer Microsoft PC mouse. The other one just came with a keyboard (missing a few keys).


They wanted $300 each >_<


Hell, I've seen those at the local dump in McMinnville, TN.

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Yikes, that is a gamble.

Yeah, I'm not sure this is really going to work out for me.


PS1 + 6 games $9 shipped.

but... 3 feedback ebayer, unknown condition (functionality or completeness), no picture, no game list


I could get some good stuff, or I could get a broken ps1 with 6 copies of yearly sports titles--or since there's only 3 feedback, I might not get anything sent to me at all

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Some decent (especially the CV games) finds this weekend at some backwater game stores:


All loose, cart only


Atari 2600

Dark Chambers $1

Squeeze Box (to go with the manual I found recently) $4.40



The Dam Busters (with overlay) $7.40

Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox single ender) $4.40

Motocross Racer (Xonox single ender) $4.40

Sammy Lightfoot $9.40


The one store had Smurfs for Colecovision for $1 too, but I thought for sure I had just gotten recently, but nooooo, hopefully I can still get it.

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Man I can't recall the last time I saw a Coleco game in the wild. Great on the Sammy.


I recently scored a CIB Sewer Sam for $8 on ePay.




Well the first store had all the "Atari" type games just tossed in a cardboard box sitting on the floor, I was amazed there was anything interesting.


The second store, I had to ask if they had anything, they had to bring them out from the back room. I'm just glad they had them priced. Usually when a store doesn't price them, they make you wait while they look it up.

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January's scores were all about Nintendo, but here February is shining the spotlight on Sega:




That's NBA Jam T.E., OutRun, Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye, Space Harrier II and Streets of Rage 2 for the Genesis, all boxed and most with the manual. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this haul filled a lot of holes in my collection. I was particularly happy to find OutRun which I have wanted for a while now, but never seemed able to find. Shockingly, I didn't yet own NBA Jam T.E. either. Even more shockingly, I'm going to keep it. The NBA Jam series was actually some of the more fun basketball games back in the day.


$15 for everything here. Not a steal, but still a very agreeable price.

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Gotta wade through the crap to find the good craigslist posts: Box of Games - $50


44 Games, they are:



Far Cry in case w/ manual

Freedom Force in case

Freedom Force vs The Third Reich loose w/ manual

Arx Fatalis loose

Splinter Cell loose

Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna in case with manual

Dungeon Siege 2 complete

Dungeon Siege 2: Broken Sword loose w/ manual

Evil Genius loose w/ manual

Divine Divinity in case w/ manual

Beyond Divinity in case w/ manual

Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor in case w/ manual

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc in case w/ manual

Scrapland loose w/ manual

Doom 3 in case w/ manual

Freedom Fighters in case w/ manual

Painkiller in case w/ manual

Unreal Gold in case w/ manual

Unreal 2 in case w/ manual

Unreal Tournament 2003 loose

Unreal Tournament 2004 in case w/ manual

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl complete

The Sims 2 complete

Serious Sam / State of Emergency in case w/ manuals

Serious Sam II complete

Prince of Persia Sands of Time in case w/ manual

Prince of Persia Warrior Within complete

Prince of Persia Two Thrones complete

Pariah complete

Indiana Jones & the Emperor’s Tomb in case w/ manual

GTA San Andreas Second Edition complete

Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold complete



Timesplitters complete

Timesplitters 2 complete

God of War GH complete

Ratchet & Clank GH no manual

Ratchet & Clank Going Commando GH complete

Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal GH complete

Jak II GH complete

Guitar Hero III complete



Assassin’s Creed complete

Prince of Persia complete

Lego Indiana Jones/Kung Fu Panda complete

Army of Two complete








and then, at Goodwill of all places (I never find stuff at Goodwill) I found:


$2.99 PS1 Black Label Hot Shots Golf complete

$3.99 IBM PC Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Death Knights of Krynn complete

$4.99 Nuon Logitech Controller! loose

$7.99 Nuon Ballistic pack-in game! complete


-and the AD&D had a Snake's Revenge (NES) manual, as well as the map and manual to Dungeon Magic (NES) tucked away under all the paperwork. Nice bonus!


I double-checked every DVD player in that store, and couldn't find the unit that went to the game and controller. *sigh* I still had a great week!

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Was given Sprint Master for free from the local Gaming Shop when I bought a SNES system complete for 20 bucks with T2 Arcade and NHL '94 with it. Time before that picked up Road Runner for the 2600 for a buck there, they sell all 2600, 5200, 7800 and Colecovision carts for a buck regardless of what game they are so sometimes you can get lucky there.

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I found a Genestick (Sega branded flight yoke) for $3.99, a GB Game and Watch Gallery 2 for $2.99 and a Speak and Spell with one of the elusive expansion modules inside for $4.99 at Goodwill. I also found a very nice complete PS1 hockey game in longbox for $3.99 but passed on that and some overpriced common NES and N64 games as well.

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Nice flea market score today for me. I finally got something that I've wanted for years: A TI-99/4a!!! Here's the rundown of what I got for $75:

  • TI-99/4a, working, nice condition, with antenna, power supply, and manuals
  • TI-99/4a Speech Module, working, nice condition
  • Set of TI-99/4a "Wired Remote Controllers" (aka, glorified name for joysticks)
  • The following games:
    • A-Maze-Ing
    • Addition & Subtraction 2
    • Alpine
    • Burgertime
    • Car Wars
    • Dig Dug
    • Donkey Kong
    • Early Learning Fun
    • Football
    • Munchmobile
    • Pac-Man
    • Parsec
    • Popeye
    • Q*Bert
    • TI Invaders

    [*]Commodore 64 (early breadbin model), excellent condition, CIB

    [*]Commodore 1541 Disk Drive, excellent condition, no box but in styrofoam packaging with its manuals, cables, etc. (only the actual box is missing)

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