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Found a Coleco Telstar alpha 4-in-1


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Hello all. What brings me to these forums are two recent finds at my local goodwill. I got an atari 2600 with 3 controllers, paddles, touch pad controller, universal power adapter, and 24 games for $33. I just gotta get an rf cable for it and I'll be good to go. The more interest find however is the Coleco 6030 Telstar alpha 4-in-1 that I got in the box with manual, original adapter box, and even the telstar power supply. I got this for $3. I havent had a chance to play it yet though. I'm just wondering what opinions you all have about this lil system, and what exactly is it worth? Thanks.

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Dunno what model of the 2600 you have but you should be able to get all you need at Radio Shack. If it has already got the video cable attached, you're in luck. All you need is this




If it doesn't have the video cable (I know the Jr. doesn't) then you'll need a yellow RCA video cable as well. They don't really sell those by themselves anymore so you may be stuck having to buy a composite cable set.


Forget about the old junction boxes. They're terrible. With the adapter you can screw the whole thing right into the TV.


As far as the Telstar goes - they aren't super valuable, although coming in the box is nice. How mint is it? I believe working ones in good repair tend to go for between $20-$50 online depending on how together they are.


So that was definitely a nice find.

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