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XBox Live Deals?


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Thanks my subscription is up in August so I'll be needing a card soon.

The $45 comes out to $3.75 a month. Not bad.

I have seen them going for $39.99 on Amazon recently, or around $3.33 a month not sure if it's worth waiting around for.

I also see they have a GOLD starter kit for $59.94:




So for $15 more you also get 400 points ($5) a headset and a chat pad. That's not a bad deal either.

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Since it stacks, you just have to keep watching out and pick up the deals when you see them. There was a $39.99 deal at Walmart.com just a couple weeks ago that I'm aware of. If you just wait until the end and are interested in keeping it going, you just end up in situations like this. :P


I'm kind of in that boat myself since the 3 years that I purchased (at $24/year) is coming to an end in Sept. :lol:

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