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Atlanta Retro Computer group


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Several of us are trying to start a retro computer group in the Atlanta metro area.

Tomorrow, Saturday June 4th 2011, we will have a table at the Hamfest at Jim Miller Park in Marietta.


We are so new that we really don't even have a name yet, so join us and help us figure out who we are! :)


If you interested but can't make it out let me know.





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We now have an official name, Atlanta Historical Computing Society.

We have monthly meetings, a Yahoo group, called AHCS.

Drop us a line at AHCS -AT- YahooGroups.cm



There is a meeting scheduled for this Saturday @ 2PM.



Christ The Lord Lutheran Church

1001 Duluth HWY

Lawrenceville, GA 30042

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Our next meeting is next Saturday, 2PM, June 9th 2012, at the location listed above.

Come on out!


The AHCS covers all types of historical computers, not just the popular few.

While Atari 8 bit is my specialty, last week I gave a presentation on the TRS-80 Model III, and this week our resident Commodore expert is doing one on making Apple IIgs boot disks. And another member is going to talk about his Breil Altair kit (we are discussing a group kit build and are looking at the different kits)

So if there is a subject you want to hear/present, then this is the place!




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I'm getting very lonely at these club meetings. I am very out numbered by Apple & C64 guys.

How about some more Atari guys showing up, huh? :)


Actually the club is growing a bit, we've picked up several new members recently. So we are looking to do some new and interesting stuff this year.

One of the ideas is since our quarterly videogame day has been successful, I'm thinking of creating a "subgroup" focusing on retro gaming. Since the main group's meetings are the third weekend of the month, maybe having the retro gaming group meeting the first weekend of the month.


For April our regular club meeting will be at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast April 20&21.


Feel free to hit me with ideas/comments/cash.




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