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So Ive played the Duke early demo


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And it's pretty much spot on what I was expecting; old school fps goodness. Graphics are not going to wow anyone, id say the look is more like PREY instead of black ops. I did get the impression that this game is going to be awsome regardless of the graphics, though I expect everyone to make that their biggest critique.

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I kinda figured that's how its gonna look like. People are gonna criticize it because its a latest release game... its not the best looking.


But hey, its Duke. There's gonna be boobs, there's gonna be epic quotes, and there's gonna be classic Duke gameplay.


I am going to thoroughly enjoy it. :)

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When you get the chance, don't forget to pick up some turds out of toilet and give them a fling. Gross, I know.... but this is Duke!!







Im gonna have to post a screenshot of my whiteboard modding...lol

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