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Retrocade Arcade/MAME Summer Showdown


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To coincide with the AA Arcade/MAME HSC summer break, this competition will be hosted on my dubdubdub site retrocadeweb.webs.com


Retrocade Arcade/MAME Summer Showdown

When: Sunday, August 7 2011 @ 12 noon EDT until Monday, August 22 @ 3 AM EDT


Competition on seven titles which can be played on either arcade or MAME platforms. The games in this tournament:

Pac-Man Turbo


Pole Position II

Time Pilot


Star Castle




Individual players or arcade operators must be registered with the forums on retrocadeweb.webs.com where the competition will be hosted.


Games can be played on either arcade and/or MAME platforms using the ROM and dip switch settings documented per game. No console compilations discs or cartridges.


Absolutely no continues.


Screenshots/photos are mandatory. Photos of arcade monitors must display the screen in its entirety.


Submissions should include Game, Score, Player's Name & a screenshot/photo of the score.


Arcade operators may submit live scores on behalf of players with the same submission guidelines listed above. I would recommend posting these scores in bulk although not required.


Streaming is optional.


INP file attachments are optional to show off your game play.


Bottomline for verification: screenshots/photographs. This is slightly beyond score verification from back in the day and the site strives to honor that tradition! :)


Tournament overall scoring will be the average of the player's percentage score across all seven titles. All titles must be played to qualify in the tournament overall standings.


Tournament results will be published in the first issue of Retrocade Magazine this fall.

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