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Xbox 360 elite E74 error


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I have an Xbox 360 elite console that is giving the e74 one red light error.


I tried taking it apart and fixing the 360 by applying new thermal past to the chips and putting the heat sinks back. I guess this thing has an issue that can't be fixed by the usual tricks unless someone knows another thing to try. I decided to get a new 360 slim anyways since my xbox 360 was out of warranty but am wondering


Now my questions are:


1) Send back to microsoft to fix and pay the fee, get it back and sell as used or keep as back up?


2) Sell the Xbox 360 elite and if so is it better to sell as one unit, or part it out (dvd, power supply, console, 120gb hard drive) for better change of selling at a higher value?




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I guess sell out the parts. I know you can probably find a buyer for the DVD drive, HDD, and possibly power supply.


Since you already bought a new slim, there's really no point in shelling out cash for MS to fix the broken one. I'd be surprised if they'd even help you out there since you opened it.

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