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FB2 in the mail...Harmony is waiting

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I was looking forward to the FB3 primarily because of the SD capability. I really like the small footprint and since I have a couple of the Atari Joypads, it would be a very compact system...easy to through it in a suitcase to take on vacation (my 15 year old daughter and I really like playing the old games). But now that I know the SD thing is not going to happen and Legacy isn't involved, I decided to try and get an FB2 and then attempt to install my Harmony cart on the inside...like some other AA members have.

Yesterday I won a (new-in-box) FB2 on ebay for $26. Before bidding, I emailed my bootlegged-FB2 concerns to the seller and asked where and when the unit was purchased. She informed me that the unit was bought at Best Buy almost 5 years ago and has been in storeage ever since...so I would think (hope) it's a real one. (Not that it means a whole lot...the seller does have a 100% rating).


Thanks for listening,


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