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Major issues with FB2 joysticks..

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I have 3 fb2s(original versions) and for some reason or another, out of the 6 joys I got 3 have just completely quit workin'.


Well, one just won't go left. So thats 2.5 of 6 in the past couple of years w/ light gameplay.


Anyways, I absolutely love them otherwise. I use them for 2600/7800/coleco as well. Could that possibly be the reason they conk out?


I know how to refurbish the original CXs but these are much different on the insides, is there a fix here..links or suggestions anyone? :)

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Just took one of mine apart to see what you mean. Yeah, these are carbon dot contacts, not old school dome switches. Also I noticed the wires were crimped from the case being put together on top of them, so check that you don't have a broken wire.


Failing that, looks like you can rig up something from say, a Genesis controller (preferably one with no cable) and rip the inside rubber from that, it'll have carbon dots.


Hope this helps.

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