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7800 HSC Season 4 - Game 2 *Robotron 2084*


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I'm going to extend play for this game just a few more days, 'till this Sat morning. DEADLINE is SATURDAY July 9th at 1:00 AM (Central Time, UTC-6) *extended play*...

So if you wanna play as late as FRIDAY NIGHT, you can here.


Although we will be playing the new game tomorrow as planned!


So those who are done with Robotron, can go into the next game and work on that one.


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1) To learn how to play Robotron: 2084, choose "Novice" game mode. With this setting, study the enemy movements in different waves carefully. Once you have a good coordination level, choose "INTERMEDIATE" to learn more, and then pass to "ADVANCED" mode which we are playing.


2) CHALLENGE MODE: My suggestion is to try "EXPERT" mode before passing to "Challenge" difficulty.


3) SHOOTING DIRECTIONS: You MUST move your character in order to shoot the enemies. You can use 8 directions to shoot: 2 horizontally (left & right), 2 vertically (up & down), and 4 diagonally (up-right, up-left, down-right & down-left).


4) POINTS: In order to score more points, DON'T eliminate all the Robotrons before catching remaining humans, specially on earlier waves. On later waves, try to catch humans who are close to you.

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Extended Play now closed for Robotron 2084...


Hope yall had fun! :cool:


Special Congrads to the top 3 medal earning scores of...

1. Jifremok (GOLD)

2. Mord (SILVER)

3. roadrunner (BRONZE)


Jifremok tore into this game, getting GOLD and also the top spot in challenge mode, for a grand total of 17 points!

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