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Classic Game Stores in Maine


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In about a month, I will be visiting Bangor and Portland, Maine.


Can anybody recommend any decent game stores in either city? I won't have the time to sift through thrift shops and pawn shops, but I'd like to find someplace other than Gamestop/EB Games.


I've checked online, but nothing comes up.


I'm mostly interested in original PlayStation and PS 2 games.

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I live in Saco, about 18 miles south of Portland. In Portland you have Strange Maine which has a decent collection- you can get VCS commons for 50 cents. There is also Bull Moose, they have a huge selection of PS2 but anything earlier is all sports. They typically have an excellent selection of GB/GBC/GBA carts. Bull Moose also has locations in Scarborough (not sure of spelling) and Sanford. In Biddeford there is music plus (they'll have PS1 and PS2 stuff for sure, also hardware) and near it is Buried Treasures where you can sometimes find A8 and Commodore Stuff. You can also do trades with me, though I don't have much Sony stuff. Good luck!

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There is an indoor Flea Market in Scarborough, ME that has a bunch of used video games, although not 'real-old-school-stuff'. Their Facebook page is here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Southern-Maine-Indoor-Flea-Market/159155227430889


There is also the Cascade Flea Market which is on Rt 1 in Saco. There is one booth there which carries quite a bit used video game items, but again, it's usually not the old school stuff. Admittedly though, in the last 3 years, I have picked up a decent 4-switch 2600, quite a few 2600 carts (not the best shape but working)and also found my Sears Video Pinball unit there as well. At another booth, I also found an original xbox for $20.

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