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Rarity of the official Atari 2600 suitcase?


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Hi Marco,


i don't ever remember seeing a boxed one on ebay! i got mine from another "collector??" LOOONG AGO who was getting rid of some of his stuff!! don't remember who it was or how we met! i do remember he gave me an atari pencil for free for buying the boxed atari case and a blue atari jacket! hehe.. 8)


but it was a colored cardboard box.


Take Care,



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Thank you so much for your comments! I didn't even know that there was a box for this item but it makes sense that there would be. I know I have a catalog with the case for sale. It was $29.99 back in the day if I remember correctly from the catalog. Even though this item may not be that hard to find, it still seems to be one of the lesser seen accesories for the 2600.



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