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Failed Mod attempt...Any Pre-Mods for sale?

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As I mentioned in another thread, I recently purchased an FB2 with the intent on installing my Harmony Cart on the inside.

Turns out my mod attempt was a failure. To make a long story short...after soldering the first wire to one of the contacts, I started to move on to the second. It was then that I noticed the first wire was no longer attached. Upon closer inspection I saw that the entire contact itself completely removed from the board. When it happened again on the second contact, I decided to stop there. An electronics engineer at my work suspects that the issue was with the board-etching process from the manufacturer. Fortunately, I didn't ruin the FB2 but I can't see much of a chance on it being successfully modded in the future.


I still really want to have an FB2 to play my Harmony Cart games. I like the small footprint and the retro look.


I'd rather not start all over with the Ebay thing and take a chance at getting a bootleg or another one with a similar problem of contacts pulling off. I'm willing to buy, a pre-moded FB2. Does anyone have one that you are willing to sell?



Thanks for listening,


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If it makes you feel any better, I ruined two Commodore 64's, trying to solder an IC socket on the system board. If I try it again, I'll use flux!


We learn more from our failures than our successes.





Two Commodores 64's! Ouch.

Actually, I didn't have any issues soldering the wires to the contact-points. The solder adhered to the contacts right away. The problem was that the contacts were not secured very well to the board itself. After two pulled-away, I assumed that all the rest would do the same. So, rather than chance ruining the unit, I decided hang it up.


Thanks for your reply and best of luck on all of you future mods,


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