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I like how they say that the Jaguar's low sales forced its failure. What the article does not mention is that Atari's own mishandling of release dates and developers are what drove the nails into its coffin.


It was pretty damn neat, though. It could network with the Lynx hand-held system, using it as a controller and a display for the player. I cannot remember the game, but there was to be some kind of RPG-type game which could allow up to eight players using Lynx hand-helds networked to the Jaguar.


Probably one of my favorite "could have been" consoles. The Dreamcast was also very impressive and WinCE certified. I believe Sega and Microsoft developed this console in cooperation, Microsoft using Sega to step-stone to the X-Box much the way it used IBM to jump to Windows 95. Dreamcast is extremely popular for home-brew.


I have a PowerGlove (no game that uses it, though), an Odyssey II (not the one in the article,) Sega CD (original and Sega II units,) Commodore 64, and (of course) the TI.


Fun days. I just hope this stuff lasts for my kids to play with.

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Eh yeah, and you can also buy a TI-99/4A. ;)


I don't know. TI does not like to admit they made the 99/4A... heh.


I doubt anyone still produce and sell the C64 as was.


Actually, the C64 *was* produced until 1994 and you might argue (I won't though) that the new release of the C64 (x86 in an C64 case) constitutes present day availability. And, the one-chip C64 (C64DTV) by Jeri Ellsworth has been used in quite a few consumer games:




I even picked up the Radio Shack Hummer game to have a unit to hack on: http://picobay.com/dtv_wiki/index.php?title=Hummer

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