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7800 HSC Season 4 - Game 4 *Pole Position II*


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Since the bonus track is (for me) a lot easier to do well in, I put in the effort to do a no-crash run at Fuji first.

Fuji: 73300



Seaside is a pain. Not that the track is difficult. The traffic is insane! I can't count how many times I've failed this race simply because some asshole decides to lane-change right into me! Also, those times I just barely graze a car...ouch. My best run so far has one crash.

Seaside: 71300


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Competition is now over for Pole Position II.


Special Congrads to the top 3 medal earning scores of...


1. Jifremok (GOLD) +3

2. JacobZu7zu7 (SILVER) +2

3. bigbee99 (BRONZE)+1


Top 3 FUJI track congrads to,


1. bigbee99

2. atomickneedrop

3. Jifremok


Good racing guys :thumbsup:

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