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AtariAge 3.2 Forum Preview Video


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I agree that the software isn't slow at all. The old Pentium IV 1.7 Ghz that I was using died a few weeks ago and I'm currently on an even older Pentium III 800 MHz. I have no problem browsing the AA forums. Even with my old setup, opening a topic takes usually about 3 seconds. My OS is Arch Linux on both machines (which helps a lot). There are a lot of forums apparently more minimalistic which are much slower than AA.

One of the biggest factors in whether or not the forum appears slow is how fast Javascript runs on your particular machine/browser. The forum uses a fair amount of Javascript, and the new software (3.2) probably even more so. This is one reason that older browsers, before the Javascript speed war erupted, can feel very slow when visiting a modern forum.


A note about the Tracker: I can't open issues with attachments. I get the "Could not locate plugin tracker" error in that case.

A new version of the Tracker will be available soon--it has quite a few improvements over what we're using now and fits in with 3.2 very well. You can see it here:






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