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7800 HSC Season 4 - Game 5 *Summer Sports Pack*


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Important Note: Competition is over for the 2 weeks:


Summer Sports Pack


Game 1 Information


Game Name: Pete Rose Baseball

Released By: Absolute Entertainment, 1989

Game Mode: 9 innings vs computer (Scored by runs)


+6 1. 24-4 (Won) Gorfy

+5 2. 23-8 (Won) Jifremok

+4 3. 20-10 (Won) bigbee99

+3 4. 11-5 (Won) atomickneedrop

+2 5. 0-7 (Quit) JacobZu7zu7

Game 2 Information


Game Name: Mean 18 Golf

Released By: Accolade 1986/Atari 1989

Game Mode: Beginner Pro-tees


+6 1. -3 (69) atomickneedrop

+5 2. +1 (73) bigbee99

+4 3. ? (182) JacobZu7zu7

+1 (Jifremok/Gorfy) No visable score but the attempt gets +1 participation point.


Game 3 Information


Game Name: Super Skateboardin'

Released By: Absolute Entertainment, 1988

Game Mode: Default


+6 1. All 5:05:06 Jifremok

+5 2. All 5:05:35 atomickneedrop

+4 3. All 5:05:41 bigbee99

+3 4. All 5:07:43 Gorfy

+2 5. All 5:07:57 JacobZu7zu7



+14[1]16pts. atomickneedrop -SPORTS PACK WINNER- Bonus +2


+13[2]13pts. bigbee99

+12[3]12pts. Jifremok

+10[4]10pts. Gorfy

+8 [5]8pts. JacobZu7zu7



Scoring Table

6 points for 1st place down to 1 participation point for 6th place or lower. All points for the three games will be counted and the combine score made up from that.



+2 bonus points for winning, +5 points for sweeping all 3 SPORTS GAMES. WINNER is atomickneedrop! +2


Use your 7800 CONSOLE or EMULATOR to play.

Post your scores in this thread, they will be added to the Atari 7800 HSC

scoreboard. Remember to play each game with the recommended game mode or difficulty setting

as shown above. The deadline for posting scores is Wednesday August 3rd at 1:00 AM

(Central Time, UTC-6)




1.Jifremok-59 [2 gold, 2 silver]

2.atomickneedrop-50 [2 gold]

3.Jacobzu7zu7-34 [1 silver]

4.bigbee99-29 [2 bronze]

5.Spice Ware-24


7.roadrunner-20 [1 bronze]

8.mord-18 [1 silver]


10.oyamafamily-14 [1 bronze]

11.mingy jongo-7 (new)

12.zylon-3 (new)



The deadline for posting scores is Wednesday August 3rd at 1:00 AM (Central Time, UTC-6)




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I came into this Summer Sports Pack expecting to make a very weak showing since I'm not a big fan of baseball or golf. Or skateboarding.

Well here's the score for the first baseball game I've played in over ten years. (Wii Sports doesn't count.) It was definitely something different.

Reading the manual to get the controls down, getting WHOMPED on the first inning...Much more exciting than watching on TV. Final score: 14-8 (win)




Here is a map that I made of the factory in Super Skatebordin, using screenshots taped together. Unfortunately, that map is pretty small, and it probably didn't help that I forgot to set the format to something other than the default jpg. I'll have to do something about that hopefully tomorrow so that squinting won't be necesary.

For now, here's a participation point. I can't resist jumping off the roof.




My emulator can't run Mean 18 Ultimate Golf, so there's the weak link!

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"I Play Baseball One Way.....All Out!"

Pete Rose


Here's the first 2600 Baseball game to live up to this winning attitude.


* From the crack of the bat, make split second decisions as you choose which

fielder makes the play.

* Throw popular Major League pitches - fast balls, curves, change-ups,

screwballs and sinkers. (Spitballs?)

* Head to head action with your friends or against the computer.

* Complete TV-like coverage, with six camera angles you're always right there

where the action is.

* Play to a packed stadium complete with cheering crowd and organist. (Bring

your own peanuts and hotdogs.)

* The most exciting baseball ever on the 2600 with depth and feel you've

seen on Big League Home Computers.








1. With power off, insert your Pete Rose Baseball cartridge into your

Atari 2600 game system according to the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Plug joystick into left controller for controlling the home team.

If two players, plug additional joystick into right controller for

controlling the visiting team.

3. Turn power on.

4. Press RESET to begin a one player game. (At any point during the game,

simply press RESET to start again).



Pressing SELECT will bring you to the Pitching/Batting screen to start a

new game. Then, you'll have the choice of either playing the computer (one

player) or an opponent (two player), which is displayed at the top of the

screen. Repeatedly pressing SELECT will switch between these two modes.

To "Play Ball", press RESET and the game will begin.



It's the last game of the World Series. You're in the 9th inning. Bases

loaded. One out. And you're up at bat. What do you do? Swing away? Wait for

a walk? Go for the fences? It's all up to you, just like in real pro ball.

Sure, we'll give you the options. And some tips. Like in pitching. Batting

And fielding. But, it's your call.

There are 6 full-colour, live action screens - just like the ones you see

on TV! The pitching/batting screen, left infield, right infield, leftfield,

centrefield and rightfield.


So, start warming up. Step up to the plate. And take your best swing at

winning the series!





Excitement on the Mound!



First, decide whether you want the pitch inside or out. Move the joystick

left or right to position your pitcher on the pitching rubber. Next, use the

joystick to control the velocity of the pitch. Up for fast. Down for slow.


Once you've positioned your pitcher and selected a pitch speed, press the

button to start the wind up and move the joystick up for a fast ball. Down

for a sinker. Left, a screwball. Right, a curveball. Or centre for the



When the pitcher releases the ball, the joystick position will determine

what pitch is thrown.


U Fast Ball U

D Sinker /|\

L Screwball |

R Curveball _____

C Change-Up |o |

L <--- | (O) |> R






Putting the ball in play



To get the ball rolling - or flying, you first have to connect. Use the

joystick to move your player around in the batter's box. You can move the

batter up or down to swing high, down the middle, or low. You can also move

left or right - for hitting inside and outside pitches.

As you see the pitch coming, you can make split second adjustments - to best

handle the pitch thrown.

As the ball approaches the plate, press the button to swing.





First, 2nd, 3rd and home!



After you hit the ball, you control the runners. All of the forced runners

will advance automatically - if the ball is hit on the ground or bounces

before it's caught. Runners who aren't forced, will rely on your coaching.

There are 4 joystick controls for running:


Joystick Left, Button Released . . . . . . . . . . . . Advance all runners

Joystick Right, Button Released . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hold all runners

Joystick Left, Button Pressed. . . . . . . . . . . . . Advance lead runner

Joystick Right, Button Pressed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hold lead runner



If a fly ball is hit to the infield, and there are less than 2 outs, and

first base is occupied - the runners will not advance and the batter will

be called out.


How to make the plays - and get the outs



After the ball is hit, you'll see either the left or right infield screen -

depending on the flight of the ball. While the infield screens are displayed,

with the button pressed, you can select a fielder based on the following

joystick positions:


For Left Infield: For Right Infield:


Up . . . . . . . . 2nd Base Up . . . . . . . . 2nd Base

Down . . . . . . . Catcher Down . . . . . . . Catcher

Right. . . . . . . Pitcher Right. . . . . . . 1st Base

Left . . . . . . . 3rd Base Left . . . . . . . Pitcher


If it's smacked into the outfield, the left, right or centre-field screen

will be displayed.

Once you've guided your fielder to retrieve the ball, with the button

pressed, use the following joystick controls to throw:


Up . . . . . . to 2nd Base Left . . . . .to Third Base

Down . . . . . to Homeplate Right. . . . . .to 1st Base


The flashing arrows in the baseball diamond at the top of the screen will

remind you of joystick positioning for making throws. Since the infield is

never displayed all at once, the small baseball diamond will inform you of

the current positions of the runners.


* A base note - your infield players can only move up and down within the

following boundaries:


| | /<>\ | |


Short or 2nd baseman . . . . . . | .'|

| @ .' |

| -O- .' |

3rd or 1st baseman . . . . . . . | __ / \ .' |

| @ _@_ .' |

| -O- __^.' |

Pitcher . . . . . . . . . . . . | / \ .' |

| __ @ .' |

| -O- .' |

Catcher . . . . . . . . . . . . | / \ .' |

| __ .' |







* To judge a fly ball, chase the ball's shadow - NOT THE BALL ITSELF!

It'll always land to your advantage - trust me!

* Remember to watch the flashing arrows in the small baseball diamond

at the top of your screen, when trying to decide which base you want

to throw the ball to.

* Of course, official baseball rules apply . . . 3 strikes, you're out,

4 balls, take your base. 3 outs, the innings over. And so on.


. . .I hope these tips will give you a better grip on the game - and a great

shot at winning the championship.

Now that we've covered all the bases - get your pro ball career off to a

flying start. Select an opponent. Press reset. And play ball!















This is it! A hush falls over the California countryside as you stand on the

eighteenth hole of Pebble Beach. You’re five long feet from the hole and you have

a one-stroke lead in the biggest tournament of your life. Your caddy hands you your

lucky putter. You line up your shot, and swing. The ball rolls slowly toward the hole.

There’s a tense moment as it almost rings the cup. finally, the ball falls in.

You retain your title!



Getting Started


1. Insert the Mean 18 cartridge into your Atari 7800 game system as explained in

your owner’s manual.


2. Plug a controller into the left controller port. In a two player game, plug

another controller into the right controller port.


3. Switch on your TV, then press Power to switch on your system. The Mean 18 title

screen appears. Press the fire button to show the options selection screen.


4. Press Select or move the left controller forward or back to select play options.

In a two player game, use the right controller to select play options for player

number two. Press a fire button after making each selection to move to the next option.


Number of players One or two


Skill level Beginner

or Expert


Tees Regular

or Pro


Game play Stroke

or Match


Note: If you select beginner, the margin of error is less, but you can still slice

and shank the ball. Expert players must choose their own clubs and make more accurate



Using the Pro Tees option makes for longer distances to the greens.


Stroke (medal) is normal game play. When you select Match, the best player on each

hole wins. Match play is only available for two player games.


5. After selecting options, an overhead view of the first hole appears. The overhead

view gives the hole number, distance from the tee to the hole, and the par. Press a

fire button to begin playing golf.


6. During play you can do the following if needed:


-To restart the game and select new play options, press Reset.


-To see an overhead view of the hole, press Select.


-To see your score card, press Pause.


Note: Press a fire button to return to the regular playing screen after using any

option above.





Playing the Game


Mean 18 allows one or two people to play a round of golf at Pebble Beach. This

simulation of the classic game blends strategy and skill.



Order of Play


At the beginning of each hole, the order of play is determined by honors. That is,

the player that won the previous hole goes first. Once all the players have teed off,

the player farthest from the hole plays next.



Making a Shot


To change a club selection. move the controller forward or backward. You can control

your aim by moving the controller left or right. Move the controller left or right to

shift the view, with a partial left or right rotation possible.


A complete shot requires three taps on the fire button as follows:


1. Tap once to start your backswing.


Each line on the power gauge increases the power of your swing by 10% of the club’s

rated potential distance (see Club Distance Table below). The dark area at the top

indicates overswing which significantly reduces ball control and results in a longer,

wilder shot.






Top of -- ___ - 100%

Swing |___|

___ - 90%


___ - 80%


___ - 70%

P |___|

O ___ - 60%

W | |

E |___|

R ___ - 50%

| |

G |___|

A ___ - 40%

U | |

G |___|

E ___ - 30%

| |


___ - 20%

| |


___ - 10%

| |

| |

Hook |___|

Straight - ___ - 0%

Slice | | (Start)

| |

| |





2. Tap again to begin downswing. Press the fire button a second time to start the

downswing at the desired point on the power gauge. An arrow marks the point where this

occurred. Stopping your backswing part way up results in a shorter shot, useful for



3. Tap a third time at the bottom of your swing.


The third tap snaps your wrists at the bottom of the swing. Snapping the wrists

early, above the line where the swing began, results in a hook. A hooked ball curves

to the left. Snapping the wrists late, below the line where the swing began, results

in a slice. A sliced ball curves to the right. An arrow marks the point where the

wrists were snapped.


Warning: If you don’t snap your wrists during the swing, expect to find your ball in

the rough. Not snapping wrists results in a severe slice.




Move the controller left or right to aim your putt. A line between your ball and the

cup helps you aim.


The arrows on the green indicate the direction in which the green breaks. The ball

will move in the direction the green breaks. Therefore, you must anticipate the

correct "line" the ball should travel to sink your putt.


As with distance shots. putts require you press the fire button twice. Press the

first time to set the power and the second time to set the accuracy as you would with

a regular shot.


Club Distance Table


With a good full swing, each club averages the following distance and loft. Loft is

the angle of the club face. The ball goes higher in the air as loft increases.


Club Distance Loft

(yards) (degrees)


Driver 250 16

3 Wood 230 22

4 Wood 215 25

2 Iron 207 18

3 Iron 197 22

4 Iron 184 25

5 Iron 172 30

6 Iron 159 34

7 Iron 148 38

8 Iron 136 42

9 Iron 124 46


P-wedge 112 (Pitching wedge)

S-wedge 100 (Sand wedge)


Putter Each mark on the power

gauge is approximately

8 feet. Make allowances

for breaks on the green.






When landing in a rough, or using short irons (such as the 9 iron) the ball comes

to a stop more quickly than normal. The ball "bites" more quickly on a green than on

the fairway. When landing in sand, the ball comes to a stop very quickly (although the

ball may still skip out of the trap). When using a wood or long iron (for example,

3 wood or 3 iron) the ball continues to roll farther unless it lands in the rough or

a trap.


If a ball comes to rest out of bounds, a penalty stroke is taken (in addition to the

stroke played), and the shot must be replayed.


If a ball lands in the water, a penalty stroke is taken (in addition to the stroke

played). The ball is replayed.




When a ball hits a tree, it either ricochets back toward you along a random angle

(if you hit a solid brown or black part of the tree), or goes through the tree (slows

down and exits sideways along a random angle).




When all players have reached the current green, the screen switches to an overhead

view of the green, showing the position of all balls. The player furthest from the

hole putts first, and play proceeds normally, except that players have the option of

finishing their putts (like real golf etiquette).





A wood results in a poor shot from a deep rough or sandtrap. Use an iron.


Make sure not to overswing. An overswing almost certainly results in a poor shot.


Each shot’s trajectory is a combination of your swing and luck. When the ball hits

the ground, it randomly bounces left or right.


When hitting from different terrains, use a bigger club than normal to achieve the

same distance (light rough, one club; deep rough and sand, two or three clubs).



Start at the factory door with your skateboard. Press RESET to begin. You

can walk by moving the joystick in the direction you want to go. (What boarder

wants to do that!) Instead, go to your skateboard (which you automatically

pick up) run and jump on (by pressing the joystick button).

Once on the board, use the joystick to move right or left. Press the button

to jump. Hold the joystick down to crouch.

As you speed through the factory, pass each machine to automatically turn it

off. You'll have to jump to turn off those light bulbs though. Hint: Time

your lift-off perfectly and you'll get all three in one hit. If you want to

pass a machine that's already turned off jump over it or else you'll turn it

back on. (Except for light bulbs, once they're off, they're off.)

The factory is one giant maze! Tubes are the only way to get from floor to

floor. But yoou've got to find the right tubes. Different tubes go to

different floors. To ride a tube hold the joystick down to crouch, enter the

tube, and release. If you want to change your mind in the middle, don't

release the joystick until you're heading back in the direction you came from.

The right difficulty switch turns the game music on and off. O.K. boarders

start cruisin'!





Your Dad got you an afterschool job at the factory where he works. You need

the money 'cuz being the most radical boarder around means you've got heavy


The job is a skateboarder's dream come true. Miles of halls and tubes to

perfect your moves. Just cruise through and turn off all the machines and

lights in the factory. Hurry up 'cuz power is leaking out fast!

Naturally, there's a catch. You get paid depending on how much power you

save. And you've got to be out of the factory by 5:15 pm today. One second

more and you'll never make the deadline for entering the Skateboarding


Look at the bottom of your screen to see how radical you truly are. The left

meter shows the power consumption of the machines and equipment you haven't

turned off yet. The middle meter tells how much power has been used since you

started. As you turn off machines and equipment, power consumption slows. The

right meter ticks away the minutes you have left. Check out the ratings at the

end of the instructions to see how radical your cruisin' rates!



| 6500W | 00560 | 5:00:36 |






<2 screenshots of the game>


The assembly lines drain the most power. Find them first. 'Cuz your boss

gets angry when electric bills are too high.

If you want to max out your speed, head for an assembly line. Pull down on

your joystick twice to get off your board and pick it up. Make a running start

and jump on the assembly line. (You've got to time your hit perfectly to avoid

getting squashed by the plungers.) Run on top of the machine and jump off at

the end of the line. Now you're really cruisin'! This trick will totally

speed up your moves, unless you fall off your board.

Watch the doors in each room. An open door means you have been in the room

before and have checked out the machines. A closed door means you haven't

gotten to the room yet. Get in there, dude, and turn that power off!

Be careful on the roof. Get too close to the edge and you and your board

will do a nose dive to the ground!

By the way, there are rumors of a truly radical skateboarder who finished his

factory job in just four-and-one-half minutes. Are you more awesome than







Turned Off Time Clock Your Rating


some but not all 5:15:00 Lower than Dork


All 5:10 or more Geek


All 5:05:31-5:09:59 Mellow


All 5:04:31-5:05:30 Totally Tubular


All 5:04:30 or less Totally Tubular



After you finish the game, moving the joystick to the right will display the

lowest power consumption achieved during the then-current play session.

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Has anybody been able to make this trick work On Super Skateboardin'?........


If you want to max out your speed, head for an assembly line. Pull down on

your joystick twice to get off your board and pick it up. Make a running start

and jump on the assembly line. (You've got to time your hit perfectly to avoid

getting squashed by the plungers.) Run on top of the machine and jump off at

the end of the line. Now you're really cruisin'! This trick will totally

speed up your moves, unless you fall off your board.


I've been trying to do this without success. One time it even made my guy move more slowly! :roll:

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now that you mention it, i remember hearing about this when i first got the game, but never got it to work. i'll try to give it a shot.

Has anybody been able to make this trick work On Super Skateboardin'?........


If you want to max out your speed, head for an assembly line. Pull down on

your joystick twice to get off your board and pick it up. Make a running start

and jump on the assembly line. (You've got to time your hit perfectly to avoid

getting squashed by the plungers.) Run on top of the machine and jump off at

the end of the line. Now you're really cruisin'! This trick will totally

speed up your moves, unless you fall off your board.


I've been trying to do this without success. One time it even made my guy move more slowly! :roll:

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