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Does anyone master the programming?


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Since the Jaguar was equipped by multiple of processors it was kinda hard back then to use its full capability. Now after the Jaguar left the regular market there are fans and programmers that occupy themselves with writing software code and during the 21th century there has been some games released by either companies or private persons.


I wonder if those of you who do this developing in games have found a way to use the Jaguar hardware at the most possible way or are you still looking for a way to program new games so they use the hardware completely. I do no kind of programming myself but I found this subject interesting as there are new games developed for the Jaguar every now and then. Today I saw a new game for sale that was made this year and it reminded me about this question that I wondering for some time

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The Jaguar can do many things in many ways. A game concept can be conceived and implemented however a coder/team sees fit. Trying to reverse engineer a game into some Complete-and-Utter-Nonpariel-Total-System-Overload routines is probably not the best way to go about bringing a game into this world, unless you're the kind of pervert who gets off on headaches and hair-pulling technical exercises.


  1. Consider a game idea.
  2. Plan how it will work in a way you are comfortable with.
  3. Merrily make the Jaguar your bidding in the best way you see fit.
  4. Rake in the mon£¥$ (optional)



  1. Max out the system in some very clever ways.
  2. Sit & think how you might be able to force what you have done into being a game of some sort - anything will do!
  3. Swear a lot as you find you have no breathing space.
  4. Give up, start on another project (optional)

There are things the Jaguar does well & helps you with massively. There are other things it's less spectacular at. The general consensus regarding game design philosophy suggests you limit your against the grain activities - work to the strengths of your target system.



PS I don't think there are any games made this year offered up for sale... unless you know different?

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A game called Robinson's Requiem is supposed to have been released this year according to the webshop who sells it. I dont know if it is true but someone might know about that


Ah, released this year, yes, but created back when the Jaguar was on store shelves.

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