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Atari 2600 hacking


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Ive got a few questions. Im new to ROM hacking so I need to know a few things.. Im running Windows XP home edition and I tried the 2600gfx program and it doesnt work.. I think its not compatible with Windows XP. Does anyone know a Graphics Editor like 2600gfx that runs on Windows XP?? It would be greatly appreciated..


Also, I want to get into Game Development and I ordered a few books on it as well as software, I was wondering what platform I should dev in.. Windows 98? 2000? or is Windows XP just fine? Thanks in advance


My e-mail is MyBuallsJiggle@comcast.net, Ill check back on these boards for an answer frequently but if you want to e-mail me thats cool too.

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If you want to work in 2600 development, I would definetly not recommend it as a start. The machine is very primative, and as such requires a great deal of programming experience and knowledge.


Any version of windows is compatable with the DASM compiler.


I am using WinXP but I never tried to use a graphics hack program so I can't tell you if that is the problem or not.


There is a new hack program called Hack-O-Matic and it uses a windows GUI interface... that should work better for you.

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Click the search button and look for Hack-O-Matic...there's a thread with that in the subject line, I think. If you just want to change the sprite graphics in a game, HOM makes it as easy as point-click-save.


And if you are -really- serious about programming the 2600, head over to "the dig" for starters (see the links section here). Everything you need to learn is over there. Before you take on that, get some books or references regarding 6502 programming and experiment on an 8-bit computer or emulator (like Atari800Win). Look through the books and learn what the instructions are supposed to do. Disassemble some programs that were made by others and see how those instructions work. If you feel bold, change a few instructions and see how that affects the program.

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