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HSC Round 4.1: The Champ's Double Header

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Fly a helicopter on missions to rescue P.O.W.s. Four different levels featuring desert, sea, caves and city rescue. Avoid and shoot enemy jets, ships, tanks anti-aircraft fire. Digitized speech and catchy background music.


Game Information

Game Name: Choplifter (bootleg)

Released By: Sega, 1985

MAME ROMset: ChpLftBl

Dip Switches: Lives: 3; Bonus Life: 20000 70000; Difficulty: Easy

Chosen By: patbb

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/819


Competition ends Sunday, August 28 @ 12PM EDT




1. 532,700 bigbee99

2. 223,100 kojr

3. 214,400 M.A.M.E Offender

4. 195,000 patbb

5. 69,400 mr. toast

6. 26,900 Cynicaster

7. 14,700 LarcenTyler

8. 2,500 roadrunner









Do! Run Run

This is the fourth and last game in the series where Mr. Do! must collect dots and fruit on a multi-level platform while avoiding pursuing monsters. Enclose the dots to change them to fruit for more points or release traps to crush the monsters or use your power ball to eliminate them. Pick up the letters hidden amongst the fruit to spell "EXTRA" to receive an extra Mr. Do!


Game Information

Game Name: Do! Run Run [set 1]

Released By: Universal, 1984

MAME ROMset: DoRunRun

Dip Switches: Difficulty: 2; Difficulty of EXTRA: Easy;

Special: Given; Lives: 3

Chosen By: patbb

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/1180


Competition ends Sunday, Auguest 28 @ 12PM EDT




1. 341,590 patbb

2. 262,480 bigbee99

3. 219,090 kojr

4. 108,230 Cynicaster

5. 90,650 mr. toast

6. 79,370 retrorussell

7. 41,630 M.A.M.E Offender

8. 26,770 LarcenTyler

9. 15,490 roadrunner










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To all good season.


I hope everybody likes the games I selected.

I selected 2 games that were never played in the HSC. (I think)

I played a lot of Do Run Run in the past but never really play Choplifter, except on the C64.


I hope players will share tricks and tips more this season.

I think that the best part of this HSC is to learn things about games that we didn't know about or to give another chance to games that we first tough were not so good.



Do Run Run: 283,800



-If you make the ball bounce on a wall before it kills an enemy your points gets increase by 500 for each bounce up to 3000. What I try to do is making the ball bounce between 2 walls that are close to each other. This way I get a 3000 point quickly.


-When you grab a letter, enemies will appear on the play field from the top, same as in Mr. Do. Try to get them all with a log to get the max points.


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Choplifter 195850


That's a very good score.

Do you have any tips to share with us?


My Score at choplifter: 66,550

I was lucky to complete the first level without loosing any hostages to get a 20k bonus!




Also I was wondering if "Sortie" is an English word?

In French it's mean "Exit"

See image below.



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I have no idea what a Sortie is.


On my 195850, I cleared both the 1st and 2nd levels with out the death of a hostage. That was 100k of my score, 50k for each level's bonus. The only hint I can come up with off the top of my head is to bounce while picking up hostages. The tanks are triggered to spawn if you sit on the ground for "X" amount of time. Just tap up every so often to avoid them.



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I have never played Do Run so I have nothing to offer as far as playing tips.


I have some experience with the Chopper on Choplifter! though. The bounce while you accept hostages is a really nice one.


Fly quick and high and kind of "skim" the entire playing board, trying to eliminate the ground enemies. Move out of that position only to dodge a F14 shot at you. The shots are easy to dodge and extremely predictable. The enemy shots from F14's will fly at 0 y axis at all times.


When you are rescuing hostages, only the F14's can kill you if you do the "bounce" trick. The F14's will shoot at you at ground level only near the landing pad. And only occasionally. So rescue with ease. No one is getting you at this point. Not even those weird jeeps that roll by with the turret going to and fro. However, as soon as you begin your altitude climb, you will be getting shot at immediately by any ground enemies in sight. If you are climbing, the bullets will lag behind you the identical way they do in other Sega titles like Space Harrier and Thunder Blade.


When you get to the third board where you have to fly into a cave, shoot those two stationary guns at the entrance of the cave. The dozen or so ground enemies you run through prior to getting to the mouth of the cave don't all have to be killed. Shoot them for bonus points. However, the enemies within reach of the cave mouth should be disposed of. That's the last thing you need, getting shot by them after successfully getting by the fireballs and on your way back to hauling 8 dudes to safety


Also on the third, when you are rescuing the hostages and flying back, you must dodge fireballs raining downward after crashing into the top of the screen. The key here is to pretty much give 'er. Don't hesitate. You'll be surprised at your success with this approach. It's gonna take some time to master the fireballs, so be patient.


The fourth is easier than the third. It is similiar to the second board. So there's your trick. Beat the third board to get crazy scores on this game. I beat the fourth the second time getting there.


Anyone ever play the 7800 version of Choplifter? It was decent, but there was a big problem. There was only one stage. Not four. And you scored 1 per hostage. Max was 64.

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Do! Run Run: 79,370



Welcome back!

Thanks rmaerz!

Been around AA, just not putting in high scores. Thought I'd dust off Do! Run Run and see how I stack up.. not even close. :)

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