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Moon Cresta 7800


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Oooh. Satan's Hollow would be a good one. How about a perfect clone of Galaxian? That one has never been done well on ANY console or computer. Love the sound effects on that one. i really takes me back.


then there is star castle...


Satan's Hollow would be a better choice. I'd be surprised if audio can be perfect for Galaxian on the 7800. ColecoVision has the best port of Galaxian.


Star Castle needs four buttons to play which is why the Vectrex version works. A joystick with two buttons doesn't work for Star Castle.

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I'm thinking Bob needs a real challenge for his next project.

So I'm thinking to truly show off the Awesomea Powera of the 7800, he needs to do a little ditty I would call "Carvel vs Mapcom 3".

Wouldn't be easy, even for Bob. But if there was no blocking...

And all three partners shared a life bar and auto-tagged out when it got down to 2/3 and 1/3 health....

And special moves were simply activated by the two buttons, each character pre-designated with two special moves...

And instead of being able to pick three characters you had to pick from pre-set teams of three characters....


Okay, it would still be awful. Funny, and likely impressive for what it would be, but not fun to play I would imagine, even with Bob at the helm.


And therefore I suggest Zookeeper.

And a sequel to The Dreadnaught Factor.

And Star Castle, Time Pilot, Vulgus, Black Widow, Bubbles, Circus Charlie, Donkey Kong 3 (need to round out the 7800 DK Trilogy with the crotch-shooting craziness of DK3!), Elevator Action, Gorf, Mr. Do!, Space Fury, Tac/Scan, Root Beer Tapper....

And another crazy one to tackle just for humor's sake.......

Panzer Dragoon Saga 7800. :)

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So I'm thinking to truly show off the Awesomea Powera of the 7800, he needs to do a little ditty I would call "Carvel vs Mapcom 3".

Some sort of a platformer starring Cookie Puss, I'd imagine? Player 2 can be Hug Me the Bear. (How I used to covet those ice cream cakes as a kid.)


Not sure why they'd be so het up about a telecommunications data visualization company, though.

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I played this game a bit on Prosystem, but got the actual cart yesterday. Boy it got to me quick. In any case, I played it a bit,t hen showed it to my roommate. We're both really impressed. The animations are amazingly fluid and the gameplay is pretty intense. I never played the arcade game, but I can imagine that if the arcade was this tough, it sucked up a lot of quarters. This is a delightful bit of homebrew and, incidentally, the first homebrew I've ever bought.



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I got my PAL copy thanks!!

I only played a few games but It works excellent. (I need more free time) And hard mode is really hard :)


It's great to see pushing off the limits of the original 7800 hardware. In the other side, the XM could contribute to a -even more- great 7800 scene.


@Bob, I like your avatar ;) I can upload the .PSD file if someone wants it.


I think It would be great a report of the 7800 homebrew scene published in classic videogame magazines to promote it. A kind of "7800: present and future".

Anybody knows If Atari 7800 was covered in magazines like Retro gamer?

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Maybe when the XM comes out you could start a small 7800 newsletter. Call it something like MARIA:The Atari 7800 Resource. Once Curt gets a keyboard working with XM and hopefully the OSS Basic people could start writing Basic programs for it. I've been waiting for a long time to see how OSS implimented BASIC on the 7800. Hopefully it's pretty decent with some graphics commands.



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